Kalk INK race

10 500 USD

from 1502 SEK / month* from 875 EUR / month* from 200 EUR / month* financing available from PayPossible*

Engineered for racing in kinship with the core aspects of the kalk platform: light, quiet & clean. The combination of 280Nm on the rear wheel and being super light creates a unique power to weight formula with superior nimbleness and speed in technical, compact formats. 

World wide delivery starts in March 2021, first come, first served.

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Dry 61 kg + battery 17 kg
Max permittable load 180 kg (bike + battery + rider)

speed & range

Top speed: +90 km/h / +56 mph
Range: trail/enduro riding: 3 hours*
* The actual range depends on a number of different aspects, e.g. riding style, rider weight, weather conditions, temperature, road surface and tire pressure.


Type: Direct drive, chain
Electric motor: Interior permanent magnet motor
Power: 11 kW
Torque (motor axle): 42 Nm
Torque (wheel): 280 Nm
Front sprocket: 12 teeth
Rear sprocket: 80 teeth
Chain/Belt: 420 chain with O-ring


Cells: premium 18650 lithium cells
Voltage (nominal): 51.8 V
Capacity: 50 Ah / 2.6 kWh
Features: Removable, can be charged when installed in bike or separately
Built in SoC indicator


Ride modes: 
1) Explore: The ultimate mode during exploration. Limited to 45 km/h with 3-4 hrs battery range
2) Excite: Enduro or active trail riding. 1-2 h riding time
3) Excel: Track and race mode, maximal torque and speed, riding time up to 1 h
Brake modes:
1) Freewheel
2) 2-stroke motor brake with energy regeneration
3) 4-stroke motor brake with energy regeneration
Features: Best-in-class power density and state-of-the-art motor control algorithms.


Features: Dashboard integrated in stem with battery SoC indicator, ride- and brake mode selection, warning indicator


Type: External charger from standard 110 V/220 V outlets
0-80%: 2 hours
0-100%: 3 hours


Wheel base: 1310 mm
Seat height: 910 mm
Ground clearance: 300 mm
Fork angle: 25°
Trail: 87.4 mm
Offset: 22 mm in triple clamps, 36 mm in forks


Build: 6061 aluminium - extruded, forged and CNC machined

front suspension

Upside down MX spring forks with rebound adjustment, specially engineered for kalk INK.
Travel: 200mm

rear suspension

Type: Direct mounted shock for simplicity and robustness.


Type: Formula motorcycle disc brakes, four pistons callipers, alloy levers. Hand lever for front- and rear brake.
Disc: Stainless steel, 220 mm diameter, 3.2 mm thickness

wheels & tires

Hubs: Forged and CNC aluminium CAKE hubs with 25 mm axle
Rims: Front, 19"x1.40" aluminium mx rims
Rear, 18"x1.85" aluminium mx rims
Tires: Front, 70/100-19 mx tires
Rear, 3.00-18 mx tires


Material: Aerospace grade 7050 aluminum
Interface: 31.8 mm
Width: 800 mm
Rise: 20 mm

fenders & bodywork

PC/ABS plastic
Front fender PP plastic


Classification: Off-road
License requirement: None
*Note that all details are subject to changes.

Kalk INK race

Kalk OR race and Kalk INK race are a power to weight ratio optimization pursuit, building a chassis, as light and lively as possible, around the electric drivetrain, in contrast to the normal procedure, merely swapping from combustion to electric, in a gasoline chassis (extremely heavy).

The inspiration comes from the first enduro competition a Kalk attended. A brilliant result combined with the demand for knobby tires.

Important to understand despite the good results vs traditional dirtbikes; the Kalk, with or without the race kit, is not engineered to imitate or to compete against combustion engine dirt bikes.
The Kalk is a first step establishing a new category of motorbikes, designed for a new user matrix.
It’s about building light, quiet and clean, easy to ride, low maintenance, super nimble, never buying gas or filters, high performance, ride without disturbing or polluting. Exploring new areas with respect.

More information about the race:
The Gotland Enduro Championship, the first race for a Kalk OR. CAKE friend and Yamaha team rider (when on gasoline) @robertkvarnstrom managed to accomplish an impressive result and shared a massive boost for everyone supporting the electric revolution.

- Heat Winner
- Winner of the electric class
- 5th fastest time, 5 laps VS. all classes pro to amateurs (118 gasoline participants)

First out on the track, the only option was to compete in the electric discipline together with all smaller classes, meaning tons of riders on the track and continuous overtakes from Robert, having to shout out loud at slower riders who didn’t hear him coming. Unfortunately, the track became faster later during the day. Robert and his CAKE was exceptionally fast during the technical parts and went well on the big open meadows.
Design and engineering:
The Kalk is engineered around the electric drivetrain to maximize the riding performance. The electric drive train are completely different from an internal combustion engine, with benefits for each side. An electric drivetrain includes a solid battery, electric motor and a controller, and features instant torque from zero, direct drive, no need for a clutch, few moving parts, low tinkering, no fumes, no sounds, no filters, no oils, tuneable riding modes and regen breaking, responsive and great throttle control and swappable batteries.

All parts and components are developed from scratch to keep the weight down at with highest possible performance. Everything from the rims, hubs, stems to the custom Öhlinssuspension (Kalk OR) is engineered and dimensioned, specific for the Kalk and the new category; lightweight electric motorbikes. The components are in a new category and derive from the most sophisticated DH components in terms of technology, materials and manufacturing, but heavily reinforced, rather than downscaled MX components.
Standard DH parts are engineered for DH bicycles, and become too weak. On the other end, MX components, developed for the user matrix on a dirtbike, simply become too heavy to.

Building light electric, uncompromising motorbikes for the ultimate off-road experience requires components, engineered for it.
Combining off-the-shelf parts MTB and motorbike world, would result in increased amount of parts, bolts, tinkering, welds, impaired geometry and riding experience. As mentioned, the MTB components are too weak for a 69+kg (Kalk OR) motorbike and the MX parts, too heavy, not serving for the specifics of the electric drivetrain.
Same thing goes for traditionally designed electric dirtbikes, engineered and optimized for a combustion engine, where the ICE (internal combustion engine) is simply swapped for an electric drivetrain, not particularly efficient.