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The Power of Power

Get solar power, making your ride self sufficient, for the rest of its life time, without ever zapping the grid.

Electricity, doesn´t necessarily mean it´s clean. There are numerous aspects to take into account and a very important one is to make sure where you buy yours from and how it´s been produced. And what better way to make sure it’s pure than to make it yourself?!

In line with CAKEs mission towards a fossil free society we felt the obligation to inspire people building their own Solar Power Charging System. Thanks to current technology, everyone can get their own Solar Power Charging System serving the use of electricity needed to charge a CAKE bike and beyond.

To make sure to get the right quality of competence and efficiency, CAKE hooked up with small and renewable electricity company Utellus, from Sweden, to realize the project for self sufficient and zero emission riding.

3 options for your Solar Charging

Optimizing efficiency and architectural quality, we ended up choosing panels from the world leading panel manufacturer SunPower. Outstanding in its performance, warranties and aesthetic. The installations are made with great focus to details and always with your preferences at hand.

There are three basic configurations of the Solar Power Charging Systems, where the smallest one produces and exceeds what the bike needs, being ridden daily. The other two configurations serve for more bikes or simply your bike and additional power consumed, at home.

What’s included?

The prices below are set for turn-key installations including all materials and work, after taxes and including subsidies, given standard conditions. Note that additional cost for special mounting conditions, travels etc might be applicable, see www.utellus.se for the “fine print”.

When you choose to install the Solar Power Charging System with us the CAKEfied inverter is included.

The Utellus Solar Power Charging System is initially a Sweden only service and offer, however we are exploring the possibilities to serve all markets.

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Option 1 – Power your KALK

  • Panels: 4
  • Size: 2.4 x 3.3 m
  • Installed capacity: 1.3 kW
  • Output/year: 1 300 kWh
  • Price from 45,000 SEK
  • Solar panel specs

Option 2 – Power more bikes

  • Panels: 8
  • Size: 4.5 x 3.3 m
  • Installed capacity: 2.7 kW
  • Output/year: 2 500 kWh
  • Price from 65,000 SEK
  • Solar panel specs

Option 3 – Power your life

  • Panels: 16 or more
  • Size: 9 x 3.3 m
  • Installed capacity: 5.4 kW or more
  • Output/year: 5 100 kWh or more
  • Price from 99,000 SEK
  • Solar panel specs
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Green power

– what’s what in the world of Electricity

Only one fourth of the electricity generated globally is made from renewable sources – meaning the world still primarily runs on coal, oil and on natural gas. This has major impact on our environment! More fossil free energy production simply means less global warming (and as a “bonus” we get improved public health, economic benefits and a more stable energy sector).

The good news is every single individual can make a difference. The easiest way to make an impact is to demand the right electricity for our homes. These are the terms to keep track on when you talk to your electricity provider:

“Fossil fuels”

Includes coal, oil and natural gas. Usage of these sources are not viable for a sustainable global future. If you don’t make an active choice you end up with an electricity mix including fossil.

“Fossil free”

Electricity produced from other sources than above. Virtually without CO2-emissions. Note however that this includes nuclear power.


Electricity produced from water, wind and sun. Better for the environment, but some production methods herein are still questioned.

“Green electricity”

Usually used synonymous with renewable power, but note that there are no official requirements on what can be called “green” and no independent audits are made.

“Certified, green electricity”

(e.g. Bra miljöval, EcoEnergy) = there are no global standards, but look after your country’s current certifications. The certifications should state that on top of only using renewable sources there are additional environmental conditions to be met to make sure the nature and wild life is preserved.


An energy system that serves the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations.

“Micro producer”

The ones who have made the stand to invest in their own renewable power production, sun or wind, and therefore adding new, pure electricity to the system – pushing out the need for fossil fuels.