B-Stock at reduced price.

B-stock is a limited opportunity to get a new bike at a reduced price with minor cosmetic signs of wear. Except for a small blemish, these bikes are new and sold with the original warranty.

1. What model are you interested in?

Top speed:
25/45 km/h*
54-110 km*
Peak Power:
1/2.8 kW*
Street legal:

How does it work?

It's as easy as purchasing a new ordinary stock bike. The limited stock purchase is a manual process, with prices depending on manufacturing date, blemish/ model. Simply sign up, and we will follow up and guide you through what's available.

What's the price?

Up to 4000€ off on street-legal commute motorcycles (all Ösa)
Up to 800€ off on scooters (all Makka)

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