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From our groundbreaking Kalk to the trail-dominating Bukk, every CAKE bike is a testament to our relentless pursuit of excellence. It's not just about building bikes; it's about crafting experiences that blend high performance with environmental respect.

At CAKE, we're more than just a company; we're a revolution. Rooted in the thrill of gravity sports and committed to sustainable design, our journey is about creating electric bikes that aren't just vehicles but symbols of a cleaner, zero-emission future.

We're not just making electric bikes; we're setting new standards in the motorsport world. Our electric bikes are here to show that sustainability can go hand-in-hand with top-tier performance.

The Bukk: Mastery of off-road terrain.
The Makka: For the urban adventurer.
The Ösa: Utility redefined.
The Åik: Durability meets e-biking.
The Kalk: Where it all began.

Our bikes are designed for more than just riding; they're built for versatility. Whether navigating city streets or powering through deliveries, CAKE bikes are adaptable, efficient, and ready for any challenge.

By partnering with CAKE, you will not only bring the latest technology and innovation to your floor, your business becomes an extension of ours. We equip you with our comprehensive learnings, assets, and tools, enabling you to implement our successful marketing strategy. This collaboration ensures you have access to the best marketing resources, that makes your business bloom.

Our approach to sustainability is uncompromising. From pioneering materials like PaperShell to our commitment to recyclable aluminum, every decision we make is geared towards reducing our environmental impact.

Our journey has been marked by international accolades and recognition, affirming our role as leaders in the electric vehicle industry. Each award is a nod to our commitment to innovation and sustainable design.

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