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Optimized for working professionals.

Tuned and optimized for modern last-mile delivery couriers, service workers, craftsmen and other professionals – the :work bikes are durable service tools, built for high efficiency and low TCO.

Makka :work

The convenient work shuttle.

Makka :work

Makka :work

5 380 EUR
Top speed:
25/45 km/h*
100/110 km*
Street legal:

Åik :work

The utility choice for demanding professionals.

Åik :work

Åik :work

Beat traffic without the need for insurance, license or registrations.
6 815 EUR
Motor output:
100 Nm*
up to 360 km*
Electric bike*
Max. permittable load:
200 kg

Ösa :work

The high-performance utility machine.

Ösa :work

Ösa :work

Configured for your business needs.
10 470 EUR
Peak power:
5-10 kW*
Top speed:
25-90 km/h*
111-130 km*
None / AM / A1 / B*

Kalk :work

The off-road service tool.

Kalk :work

Kalk :work

The ultimate service vehicle for off-road duties.
11 470 EUR
Top speed:
+90 km/h*
86 km*
Street legal:

“We’ve experienced up to 3 times more deliveries per hour with the cake bikes compared to other vehicles.” - Bzzt

Ticking all boxes


The :work series is specifically tuned and optimized to reach maximum power outputs, for all models. They are built to serve heavy-duty workers, with strong pulling power to support bulky loads and transports. With new specifically developed :work ride modes, the bikes also come with more flexibility and accessibility. The bikes’ batteries have integrated power outlets, allowing them to be used as off-the-grid power stations, powering work tools like phones, laptops, drills, welding machines and more.


The :work bikes have been created to reach the maximum range possible, with larger and more durable batteries for demanding work days or remote missions. With up to double the battery capacity, the :work bikes can run for long, enabling efficient work in combination with full electric power. The batteries are swappable and replaceable, allowing you to work efficiently 24/7 to perfect your craft.


With compact designs and new convenient accessories to enable more loading capacity, the :work models have been created to reach a superior level of efficiency. The bikes are never wider than 78 cm, making them the ultimate tools to slip through traffic jams and save time in the daily work. They are optimized to transport all kinds of boxes, bags and equipment and can tow even heavier loads than before, ultimately making way for all-round cost and time saving.



The work series features 6 new bikes, all optimized for business efficiency, power and reach. The CAKE :work series is built for true professionals and mobile workforces, meeting the mobility needs of modern last-mile delivery couriers, service professionals, handymen, park rangers, carpenters and much more. With larger batteries, boosted motor power and more compact designs, the :work bikes are the ultimate electric tools to beat the competition in efficiency and productivity.

Yes, just like companies can get the regular bikes, consumers can get the :work bikes. Simply order here.

How many bikes and what are your needs? Sign up here to get in contact with an account manager, to get a quote and further guidance: ridecake.com/en/business

Yes. All new :work-specific accessories fit the regular models.

All regular parts fit :work bikes and the other way around.

New batteries and increased battery capacity give an extended range. Higher Flux makes the bikes smarter for fleet management purposes, increased motor power, more riding modes, and a new line of accessories specially developed for various business needs. Learn more about the specs here.

The CAKE bikes are optimized for long-range to run for the full working day. With the Ösa range :work for example, you can ride up to 160 km in one go. See specifications under each bike for details.

The CAKE bikes are built for resilience, to carry heavyweight. The Makka :work for example, has a max permissible load of 245 kg. See specifications under each bike or get in touch with us for more details.

Varies depending on the region you are in. Please check your local requirements.

25 km/h models - in most markets permissible to ride without a driver’s license.

45 km/h models - a driver’s license for cars is enough in most markets but in some cases, you need a specific license for moped as well.

90 km/h models - often need a motorcycle license but also here you can ride them with a driver’s license in some regions.

Anywhere you have a standard power outlet you can charge. The batteries are removable which makes it easy to charge them in remote places, outside the bike. Just unlock it, lift it up, and put it on a charge where it makes sense for the user. (of course, the batteries are heavily locked to prevent unauthorized theft)

Charging a CAKE bike to 100 % takes anything between 3-6 hours, depending on the model you choose. See specifications under each bike for details.

On the Makka and the Ösa yes, you can bring a passanger, for the Kalk no. Check your local regulations and make sure you have the equipment needed to carry a passanger.

The bikes are built to endure even the harshest of conditions, with quality components made of durable materials. And remember, bad weather usually means more traffic, meaning you will be even more efficient than your competition on your two-wheeled machine.

From top speeds of 25 km/h (16mph) to 90 km/h (56mph), depending on the model you choose. See specifications under each bike for details.

A combination of bringing everything needed and getting it from A-B, faster than ever before lays the foundation for increased efficacy for every courier, with great economics, and unparalleled TCO for the fleet.

- Up to 2000 liters loading capacity.

- Deliberately measured, from trailers to handlebars are engineered to be the fastest way in traffic.

- Built for the lowest possible maintenance + all-electric, no fuel, fluids, and charging enable the lowest possible running costs.

- Never waste time, looking for parking spots.

- Long-range, swappable batteries, fast standard outlet charging, allow the business to roll 24/7 to perfect the craft.

“We’ve experienced up to 3 times more deliveries per hour with the CAKE bikes” - Sven Wolf, CEO at Bzzt, last-mile transports

“We increased our efficiency by more than 50 % with the CAKE bikes compared to 4-wheeled vehicles” - Oscar Johansson, founder and CEO, FAVO food delivery

Reach out and let us know of your specific needs so we can make estimates for your business.

Thanks to electric drivetrains, the bikes require little to no maintenance, which lowers long and short-term costs. All bikes are engineered with quality components that prolong the product life cycles, ultimately lowering the TCO and increasing the efficiency for any business.

Sign up here and we’ll get in touch with you. Depending on your business needs, how many motorbikes you need, and what model you need, we’ll put together a quote customized for you.

We’ll be happy to help select the right bike model for you. Get in touch here and our local business manager will reach out to you.

We customize every payment/leasing option according to specific business needs. Sign up here and get in touch with one of our local business managers to map out the best option for you.

The Makka :work and Ösa :work models both have USB and 12V power outputs, which allows off-grid charging of gadgets like phones, laptops and tablets. To power heavy-duty electronics like drills, welding machines and more, a power converter is needed, which can easily be added to your order.

The Dometic box at max heat is at 120W, the Ösa :work battery is at 3,75kWh (3750W) which means that the box, at max heat, can run by the battery for ≈31 hours. That said no matter the battery, the range impact from powering the box while riding is very limited.