CAKE Wins Two 2020 Design S Awards

CAKE’s Ösa model receives two Grand Prix Awards for Product Design and Sustainable Design

CAKE, the Swedish manufacturer of lightweight electric performance motorcycles, is honored to win two Grand Prix awards in this year’s coveted Design S Award competition. The first Grand Prix award recognizes CAKE’s Ösa electric motorcycle for outstanding Industrial & Product Design and the second Grand Prix award again honors the Ösa model in the category of Sustainable Development. CAKE had previously won an Industrial & Product Design Grand Prix for the Kalk OR in 2018.

The bi-annual Design S - Swedish Design Awards is Sweden's foremost and most respected design award within the design and creative industries. It is hosted by Svensk Form (the Swedish Society of Crafts and Design), a not-for-profit membership organization that was formed in 1845 to promote Swedish design at home and abroad and to demonstrate the benefits of good design to social development. Svensk Form started the Design S Award in 2006 having previously run the competition under the name Excellent Swedish Form from 1983-2002.

“It’s a true honor. To receive three nominations was unreal. And then to actually win two of the categories—what joy!,” remarked CAKE founder and CEO, Stefan Ytterborn. “An award like this—one that stems from in-depth jury work by objective specialists in tough competition—is the ultimate boost and a true validation for the team behind the Ösa. And believe me, it’s incredibly affirming to the number of competences and individuals involved, from our mechanical, bio-mechanical and electrical engineers to our material and manufacturing specialists, graphic designers, marketeers, and more. We are proud to be a part of this!”

The 2020 Design S Awards included fifteen categories with three special awards. Out of the dozens of submissions in each category, each receives a total of four nominees and one Grand Prix winner. CAKE won the Industrial & Product Design B2B and Sustainable Development categories and received a third nomination for the Aluminum Award. In their written award statements, the Design S jury had this to say about CAKE and the Ösa.

INDUSTRIAL & PRODUCT DESIGN B2B: The jury sees great possibilities in the modular system that Ösa offers. The ability to easily design one's vehicle to one's needs, to transport oneself and one's equipment with low environmental impact, and run and charge machines using the battery are qualities that we regard as potentially groundbreaking for professionals. Ösa's design clearly signals its functionality, while challenging norms within transportation design. CAKE has opened up its brand to new sectors and thereby facilitated our green transition, which justifies the jury's choice for the award in the B2B category.

SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT: Ösa's modular product architecture proves how functionalist engineering, optimised material choice, high serviceability and recyclability can be combined with great consideration to detail and user pleasure. Through a design that adapts from the ground up to a diversity of users and areas of use, Ösa challenges established norms within the product segment both functionally and visually. With Ösa, CAKE has applied design as a tool for promoting a more functional urban environment by identifying people's need for mobility as a key issue of a sustainable city. CAKE is also awarded for the courage to take such a great step from its previous product segment – something more industries should be inspired by.

CAKE’s motorcycles are built with a purpose to inspire people to contribute to speeding up the journey towards a zero-emission society by combining excitement and responsibility. Apart from being a light, clean, and quiet electric motorcycle, the Ösa is derived from the diversity of work and differentiated needs of the customer. What to bring and what to carry varies greatly between the office worker and the craftsman, and the roads toward the destination include highways and trails and everything in between. As a result, CAKE’s solution was to build an electric and modular utility commuter vehicle that serves a wider range of riders with off-road capabilities.

Heavily influenced by the workbench, the Ösa design features a large gray bar extending out from underneath the seat. This uni-bar, modular, clamp-on system serves as the heart of the Ösa, allowing users to attach baskets, bags, tools, and more to create over 1,000 different possible configurations. It also features a powerful battery with multiple outlets, meaning the Ösa doubles as a power station on wheels, enabling the rider to be completely independent, off-the-grid.

The Ösa Lite, the scooter model, has a top speed of 30 mph and starts at $6,500 USD, while the Ösa+, the motorcycle model, boasts a top speed of 60mph+ starts at $8,500 USD. Both are available for order worldwide on

Nominees and winners will be published in the Design S catalog as an integral part of the magazine FORM, which will be published in December 2020. An exhibition had been scheduled for all nominated and winning entries December 1- 13, but has been cancelled due to guidance from the Swedish Public Health Agency. To learn more about the Design S Awards, visit

About CAKE

CAKE is a Swedish company with a clear mission to inspire towards a zero-emission society, by combining excitement and responsibility in its development of light, quiet, and clean high performance electric off-road motorcycles. Its first model, the Kalk, debuted at Denver’s OR and Munich’s ISPO shows in January 2018 and has received numerous accolades, including the 2019 and 2020 Red Dot Design Award, IF Design Award, Automotive Brand Contest Award, and “Best in Show” designation by several outdoor industry publications. In 2019, CAKE launched the Kalk&, a street-legal motorcycle as well as Ösa+ and Ösa Lite, a utility platform with an integrated power station and off-road capabilities, which extended their award-winning streak. Kalk INK debuted in March 2020 with the street-legal Kalk INK SL entering the line in April 2020. And CAKE expanded into the race scene in November 2020 launching the Kalk OR Race and Kalk INK Race.

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