Electric motorcycle riders help save endangered animals

Cake customers donate eight electric Kalk AP motorcycles to be used in anti-poaching activities on the African continent.

CAKE the Swedish maker of premium lightweight, electric motorcycles, today announced the latest development in its anti-poaching program, concerted in close cooperation with the Southern African Wildlife College, SAWC. As a direct result of consumer action, a further eight electric Cake Kalk AP motorcycles and Goal Zero solar power stations have now been distributed, to be used in anti-poaching activities in protected areas.

“The anti poaching project is dear to us as it combines the main components of what Cake is all about – new technology, 100% solar charging, silently and without polluting, serving purpose and efficiency - literally saving lives”, said Stefan Ytterborn, founder and CEO of Cake.

Buy a motorcycle, fight wildlife poaching

Specifically built and tuned to park ranger specifications, great consumer interest in the Kalk AP had Cake introducing a “buy one, give one” campaign in 2021. Customers would effectively buy two motorcycles, with one being gifted for use in the anti-poaching project run in close collaboration with the SAWC. To sweeten the deal further, Cake and Goal Zero donated a solar power station, custom designed for efficient use with Cake motorcycles, to the anti-poaching project, for every bundle sold. As a result, the initial two silent, solar-powered, anti-poaching motorcycles donated by Cake have now been accompanied by a further eight, currently in use by rangers.

“The petrol bikes we’ve used previously have all been loud, heavy and expensive to keep running in these areas. The Cake bikes are quiet, which makes it easier for us to approach poachers undetected”, commented Mfana Xaba, Anti-poaching team leader on the ground, who has received training by the SAWC.

A collaboration in the wild

The Anti-Poaching Project has to date received EUR 300,000 worth of equipment, ranging from electric motorcycles to solar panels. The Cake Kalk AP, a modified version of the Cake Kalk off-road motorcycle, has proven to be an important tool for park rangers, with the silent properties of the electric drivetrain offering quiet patrolling and stealth missions during nighttime.

The benefits of using solar-powered, electric motorcycles are continuously being monitored and evaluated, to determine the actual monetary and environmental effects of lowering fossil fuel dependency. As part of its applied learning approach, the SAWC is in the process of conducting a research project on the effectiveness and efficiency of the bikes, which will in turn lead to potential improvements being made specifically for use in conservation areas.

Learn more about the Cake anti-poaching project here.

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About Cake

Cake is a Swedish maker of premium lightweight, electric motorcycles and mopeds, with a clear mission to inspire towards a zero-emission society, by combining excitement and responsibility.

The model range currently consists of three different platforms – the versatile offroader Kalk, the modular utility bike Ösa, and the urban commuter Makka. Thanks to an extensive range of accessories and configurations, Cake is addressing a wide matrix of users and applications, including commercial use for last-mile delivery and other short-haul urban transportation.

Along with numerous awards and recognitions for its design and innovative approach to mobility and other societal challenges, Cake was identified as one of the world’s most innovative companies by Fast Company in both 2020 and 2021, and received the Time Magazine 100 most important inventions award in 2021.

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