CAKE Impact Report 2022

This report manifests the first CAKE Impact Report on our journey to transparently report on our impact. This report aims to frame our ongoing work, guide our future progress and highlight areas of improvement and actions we need to take. As CAKE was not objective for sustainability reporting during 2022, this report was created with the purpose to inform CAKE stakeholders and align CAKE people on our journey to become a sustainable business.

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"It´s with humble pride that we are ready to share a first generation of ESG aspects from CAKE, transilluminated. We have a common obligation, with everyone else, individuals and organizations, to redirect a vast spectrum of how we have lived our lives, progressively carving out resources as if they were infinite.

We are far from where we need to get to. At the same time we believe it’s sober, to plan for action in accordance with clear targets, promoting innovation, while dealing with lead times and cemented structures, where the combination between being stubborn on one side and patient on the other are the two counter points that need to interact. Change is a must and we are one part, hoping to inspire to speed up!”

- Stefan Ytterborn, Founder & CEO