Welcome to CAKE Worlds race

The global, all electric, Kalk One Design Racing Series!

Our ambition with CAKE Worlds is to bring back motorcycle racing to the masses, fighting the decline in traditional ICE two-wheeled motorsport events. During the past 15 years, an estimated 70% of all tracks around the world have had to close down, due to problems with noise and pollution. This is a real threat to the two-wheeled racing community, and the sport we love.

Fortunately, we’re offering a solution.

Our silent, pollution-free bikes enable us to operate professional races in urban locations, using limited space, without noise, with minimal disturbance and zero pollution. Make no mistake, the CAKE Worlds format is a gamechanger and we are taking the opportunity to create a new spectator-friendly, competitive sport.

Come one, come all.

Riders are divided into gender neutral pro and amateur segments, competing against each other in a proprietary 4X format - a tight, fast track that has been custom built to elevate the unique characteristics of the Kalk OR Race. This bike is used exclusively by all riders, courtesy of CAKE.

Welcome to CAKE Worlds.