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Developed from scratch, uncompromising and purpose built to utilize the electric drivetrain. The off-road series are stripped for maximum lightness and highest performance, leaving nothing aside.

Ride the new category, industry standard and user matrix.

Kalk Freeride Models

Lightweight at the highest possible performance.

Freeride models

Kalk OR

Lightweight, torquey, and quiet. The riding possibilities are endless.
fr. EUR 441 / mon/ 13 870 EUR
Torque (wheel):
Peak power:
Top speed:
+90km/h / +56mph
51.8V / 50Ah / 2.6kWh*

Endless riding possibilities

Lightweight freeriding, zero emission exploring, backyard ripping and street-legal commuting. Full speed, zero disturbance.

Kalk Race Models

Pure off-road bikes, developed for maximum performance.

Race models

Bukk Ltd

The next level in the category of light electric off-road performance motorcycles
14 970 EUR
Torque (wheel):
Peak power:
Top speed:
90kmh / 56mph*
72V / 40Ah / 2.9kWh*

Kalk Race series

Engineered for racing in kinship with the core aspects of the Kalk platform: light, quiet & clean. The combination of 280Nm on the rear wheel and being super light creates a unique power to weight formula with superior nimbleness and speed in technical, beating the off-road competition in tight and compact formats.