LSI Group

LSI Group is a Swedish company that has a long history of craftsmanship, innovation and attention to detail. So when they needed a solution to effectively travel between meetings in Stockholm, the choice of vehicle supplier was clear.


Erik Asplund is Head of Sales and Marketing at LSI Group and has been working with the company since 2019.

“We were tired of spending time in traffic lines and searching for parking, so we reached out to CAKE for help. We knew they had sustainability at their core and vehicles that looked good, but honestly we weren’t sure initially if a two wheel solution would work.”

LSI initially looked at the ÖSA flex since they had a need for their project managers to travel between project sites and customer meetings in Stockholm but also with the ability to bring simple tools.

“We found that a bicycle would be too lightweight and take too long. And driving a car in Stockholm can be a nightmare, we frequently spent up to 20 minutes just finding parking close to the site. Our customers see us as a premium and forward thinking company, and we also wanted a solution that fit well with who we are as a business.”

Why LSI Group chose CAKE

LSI Group was in need of efficient urban transportation for their project managers in Stockholm, and reached out to CAKE to see what solutions were available.

When it came to a transportation solution, LSI had a clear criteria in mind.

“A transportation solution that would fit our needs would have to be sustainable and environmentally friendly, would have to be able to work practically with transporting equipment and tools and almost most importantly, the vehicle has to have a great design” Erik says. Design is an obvious aspect for a company like LSI Group who are experts in the field of premium and high-end interior design.

Along with this criteria, it was also important for LSI to minimize wasted time. “Almost everything takes longer with a car, searching for parking and traffic. A CAKE vehicle is smooth, makes its way through traffic unhindered and can be parked almost anywhere.” says Erik.

ÖSA to the rescue

First contact was made in March of 2022 with the aim to acquire a vehicle. Today, LSI Group rides the Ösa flex, fitted with rear carriers to be able to bring tooling along to the sites.

Benefits of the ÖSA flex for LSI Group:

- The high modularity allows various accessories and equipment to be transported depending on the use case for the moment—also allows for an extra passenger when necessary

- The sustainability—not just zero emissions during driving but low and documented emissions of production

- A great way to commute—getting to meetings and project sites faster and more efficiently

- It looks great!

“Our industry can be quite conservative and comfortable, but we’ve always tried to think about how to stay ahead,” says Erik.

Using the ÖSA, project managers can easily get to client meetings and project sites, skipping traffic lines and saving costs on taxis and leasing cars.

“Sustainability has always been at the core of what we do, and we already knew CAKE from that perspective. But then of course we needed a solution that was practical, we’re fortunate to have a lot of customers depend on our work and we needed a solution that would help us serve them better,” Erik continues.

The Results

“I can easily get to Södermalm from our office on Östermalm with equipment in under 15 minutes, which is a great improvement from how we have handled transportation in the past,” Erik explains.

The Future

LSI Group aims to expand their business. From what today is an office in Stockholm and a combined office and carpentry shop in Lund, LSI have plans to further strengthen their presence across the country, with the main focus being on Stockholm. Along with more projects and personnel, the need for more efficient and flexible vehicles will increase.

“With our business expanding, more projects in and around Stockholm and elsewhere in Sweden, we will have to begin thinking about expanding our physical presence. LSI Service could become a unit that would take care of smaller jobs after the bigger project, a service where CAKE vehicles would be perfect and that would make us increase our fleet,” says Erik Asplund, KAM/Project Manager at LSI Group.


LSI Group is a great example of an unconventional B2B customer who utlizes vehicles in their everyday activities to achieve even higher standards. LSI operates at the highest level within their area of expertise, and so we are more than happy to assist with state of the art, light, quiet and clean electric motorbikes.

Short-haul transports, food deliveries, factory floor transits, road maintenance and much more – CAKE’s two-wheelers are revolutionizing business logistics in a way that’s smooth, simple and clean. Regardless if you’re a first responder, carpenter, park ranger, photographer, real estate broker, delivery courier or service professional – there’s an electric solution for you.

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