Parcel delivery

Solutions engineered for the smoothest last-mile delivery experience in town

Lowers your TCO
High quality bikes, using high quality components lowers costs over time
Highly sustainable
No emissions, but also highly recyclable parts that increase residual value
Higher efficiency
Higher uptime, backed by an extensive service network, allows the bike to run 24/7
Connected out of the box
All bikes have LTE connectivity for remote management and protection

Why Bzzt chose CAKE

Get inspired! Learn how one of Sweden’s most innovative and environmentally friendly delivery companies have increased their efficiency using the CAKE fleet, and many more success stories!

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Åik :work medium package

1 x Lights kit 1 x Front carrier 1 x Rear carrier medium Package price
fr.EUR 232 / mon/ 7 290 EUR

Stay in control

With CAKE Connect - Fleet Management you’re always in control of your vehicles. GPS tracking gives you an overview of your entire fleet's position in real time, battery status and diagnostics information gives you detailed insights of each vehicle.

Lock and unlock is conveniently available in the application. All vehicle data and controls can easily be integrated via the CAKE API to third party software, and you can rest assured that your vehicle is running its latest firmware, thanks to automatic “over the air” updates.

All the :work bikes are equipped with the CAKE Connect module enabling businesses to increase efficiency and ensure peace of mind fleet management. The system is continuously optimized and update to be the optimal tool to facilitate the job for fleet managers and couriers.

With system features that include bike diagnostiks, tunable and customized in-riding modes, geo-tracking, battery status, bike service updates over the air, and an API functionality to integrate the bikes to various businesses and fleet systems.

"We increased our efficiency by over 50% thanks to the CAKE bikes."

What do our customers have to say? Check out a few handpicked stories and quotes to see how the CAKE bikes have helped them increase their operations, efficacy, profitability, and reduce emissions.

Favo food delivery

Favo food delivery

“We increased our efficiency by more than 50% with CAKE’s electric mopeds compared to 4-wheeled vehicles.” - Favo food delivery

M - Volvo Car Mobility

M - Volvo Car Mobility

"The Ösa bike is further enhancing efficiency and shrinking our footprint. This collaboration plugs directly into our goal of moving people sustainably." - M - Volvo Car Mobility



“We’ve experienced up to 3 times more deliveries per hour with the cake bikes compared to other vehicles.” - Bzzt


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