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Beat traffic, haul gear, explore.

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Nimble, lightweight and quiet for convenient commuting.
fr.GBP 143 / mon/ 3 440 GBP
Top speed:
25/45 km/h*
54/66 km*
Street legal:
AM, B*


Explore with respect.

Browse off-road bikes


Lightweight, torquey, and quiet. The riding possibilities are endless.
fr.GBP 335 / mon/ 8 070 GBP
Torque (wheel):
280 / 252 Nm*
Peak power:
10 / 11 kW*
Top speed:
+90 km/h
69-83 kg


Developed for business fleets on the roll.

Browse :work bikes

Makka :work

fr.GBP 184 / mon/ 4 440 GBP
AM / B*
Top speed:
25/45 km/h*
100/110 km*
Street legal:

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:work bikes developed for your company and business needs.


The anti-poaching initiative

Explore the electric, quiet and solar-powered wildlife conservation projects in Africa and the Amazon rainforest.

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The cleanest dirt bike ever

Follow the progress and the aim to make the first truly fossil-free vehicle by 2025.

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Learn more about our initiatives and standpoints in regards to sustainability.

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CAKE Worlds race

The electric, global and urban racing series. Light, quiet and clean - racing for the masses!

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CAKE in the curriculum

Together with Pharrell's YELLOW we bring bikes into the classroom.

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The responsible last mile

A 360° service for businesses striving for sustainable customer satisfaction.

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CAKE’s certified pre-owned series.

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Flower Power Limited Edition

Mono-colored Kalks to support the global bee and pollinator population.

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Honored for the recognition

Press releases & news

CAKE Reveals Inaugural Impact Report: A benchmark for Sustainable Commitment and Innovation


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Acceleration in Asia Continues


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CAKE is selected as a 2023 Breakthrough Brand by Interbrand Index!


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Certified pre-owned. New re:CAKE batch available now!