Become a CAKE dealer

Become a CAKE dealer and join our mission to accelerate towards a zero-emission society, combining excitement with responsibility.
Unlock your potential and boost your business success with bikes that excite, the world's most design and innovative-awarded bikes of the 20th century. Our offering features +20 different models, ranging from versatile heavy-duty utility bikes to high-performance ultra lightweight off-roaders. Bike models and business models, catering to your individual business needs.

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Below the form are some examples of ways to partner up with CAKE!

Be among the very few selected retailers to sell, market and display our bikes in your store! Current retailers include, among others, Aether, Deus, Stealth. View complete list here
CAKE approved service centers
Are strategically located to serve neighbouring customers, with running service, repairs, spare parts, upgrades, warranty issues (paid for by CAKE.)
Street-legal & off-road bikes for all licenses! Lightweight, easy to ride and as appreciated by pro's and new riders.
Hotel or resort operator
Offer your guests the ride of a lifetime! Responsibility and respect in combination with an active life style. Offer your guests CAKEs to ride! Minimum maintenance and different riding modes enables anyone from pros to beginners to have a blast. If you’re interested request to get a quote with associated financial solutions.
Guided tours host
Guided motorcycle tours for everyone! For tour operators, taking customers in groups for guided tours, the terms and financial services are identical to Rental Locations, while the concept caters for greater revenues.
CAKE track rental operator
If you become a retailer, resort, guided tour host or rental, build a test track for your clients too! CAKE has developed it’s own track format, for training, racing and fun. Thanks to the acceleration of the bikes, one can build a compact track, needing only 60X60 meters, easily placed by lift stations, empty land lots, inside warehouses or alike.
Read more about the track concept