Electric conquest of continents

An electric initiative spearheaded by female pioneers at CAKE. Founded, initiated, and mentored by the visionary Sinje Gottwald, who crossed the entire African continent by herself. These next chapters embark on conquering all continents on CAKE motorbikes. At its core, the project highlights the riding of tomorrow, what electric vehicles are capable of, and the sheer joy of silent riding, all while accelerating the transition towards a zero-emission society.

North America Now Crossed and Completed on CAKE Electric Motorcycles - Second Continent Accomplished!

Jackie Rosenstein and Bobbie Long, both avid motorcycle enthusiasts, embarked on this extraordinary journey, marking themselves as the first women duo to traverse North America on electric motorcycles.

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Africa crossed and accomplished

Sinje Gottwald completes the first unassisted African continent crossing on an electric motorcycle.

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Sinje about her 124-day journey

Riding the longest distance ever on an electric motorcycle along the West Coast of Africa.

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Crossing North America

Jackie Rosenstein and Bobbie Long are embarking on a groundbreaking, unassisted ride across the US.

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