Project Kibb: Render to Reality

The Kibb is an electric all-terrain vehicle, designed to respect the land's biodiversity and agricultural challenges for delicate ecosystems. Follow the process from render to finalized product in 2025.

"Sustainable and responsible farming is vital for healthy ecosystems and we are aiming to make Kibb the number one tool for all future farmers.”

- Stefan Ytterborn, CEO and founder of CAKE

The road to regenerative and autonomous agriculture

Agriculture is one of the industries that contributes to the most greenhouse gas emissions in the world. This is slowly killing our soil and prevents healthy growth, so the industry is, at this point, slowly killing itself. Today, the access to non-pollutant transportation and machines is very limited.

In 2022, Swedish transport designer Fanny Jonsson did her master’s thesis work at Umeå Institute of Design. During her internship at CAKE, Fanny was able to harness the inhouse expertise in product development and the result of her thesis is the Kibb – an electric all-terrain vehicle.

“When I started to build out the concept, I had real world challenges in mind, and explored heavily where there is the most unlocked potential on the market. Starting from the core CAKE DNA combined with a new vehicle type was truly exciting, and now that CAKE will continue developing the Kibb and give everyone the opportunity to follow the progress from my renderings and concept to reality is honoring as well as a great tool to take zero emission, regenerative farming to the next level.”

- Fanny Jonsson, alumni of the Umeå Institute of Design and now Designer at CAKE

Expanding the CAKE assortment to more vehicle types

Contributing to the CAKE mission to speed up the transition towards a zero emission society, by combining excitement with responsibility, we are truly excited to add Kibb to our lineup of vehicles.

With Kibb we are addressing the lack of sustainable options for transport within agriculture. We also want to support the powerful movement that is happening in farming today, where farmers are reconnecting with their roots to fight climate change, and inspire agriculture industries towards a zero-emission future.

“Not only was the result from Fanny’s thesis an incredible achievement, but it was such an impressive reflection of the core CAKE values, that it was impossible not to turn the Kibb into reality.”

- Stefan Ytterborn, CEO and founder of CAKE

What happens now?

The Kibb is a work in progress, and in order to make a vehicle that answers to the needs of future farmers, we must do our homework. Follow us on our journey of trial-and-error as we dig deep into the soil at farms around the world.