Effortless and smooth riding through traffic to improve your daily commute.

No License, No Limits: Transport heavier loads, travel greater distances, and commute with ease.

Nothing is left aside to promote reach, power and efficiency for easy utilization. The Åik is engineered to solve your everyday challenges, setting a new standard for two wheeled, cargo vehicles.

With industry-leading range, cargo capacity and riding ergonomics, the Åik is a heavy-duty transportation tool with unsurpassed capabilities. Featuring hundreds of utility combinations to pull, stow and carry heavy loads.

The strong motor provides 100 Nm of torque for convenient pedal assistance, a must when carrying bulky and heavy loads.

Enviolo Extreme rear hub with automatic interface - Featuring the most sophisticated gearbox on the market, the automatic and stepless Enviolo Extreme.

The robust build derives from the extruded and forged 6061 aluminum frame and components from the finest aircraft-grade alloys, constituting a new standard of electric bikes, built to fit everyone, every day.


The Åik is engineered around performance and versatility. The high modularity invites riders to configure their own bike, with the accessories of their choice. What do your daily commute challenges look like? Taking your kids to school, riding to the mountains with your equipment, moving heavy stuff from A to B or just commuting to work? Regardless of your challenges, the Åik can be configured by you to improve your daily adventures!

Durability is sustainability

Ensuring peace of mind through ownership is crucial. As a team experienced in designing high-performance electric motorcycles, the development of the Åik has been a thrilling engineering process. Recognizing the difficulties of integrating e-bikes into daily life, we have opted to utilize several components and materials from the motorbikes, leading to a robust vehicle that requires less maintenance compared to other options.


To ensure comfortable and ergonomic long commutes, the Åik has been designed with several key features. These include an adjustable seat post, a seat from Ergon, handlebar position, and grips that can be adjusted to suit riders of all types at any time. The ergonomics have been carefully considered and consulted on by McKinsey Design’s studio.

Effortless and smooth riding through traffic to improve your daily commute.


Delivery starts in May 2023, First come, first served.

Top speed

25km/h / 16mph*

Motor output



51.8V / 14.5Ah / 750Wh*


37.2kg / 82lbs


up to 120km*



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Effortless and smooth riding through traffic to improve your daily commute.

Beat traffic without the need for insurance, license and registrations.


With a range up to 120 km on a single charge and a loading capacity of up to 200 kg (441 lbs) makes the Åik superior in moving things from A to B, without getting stuck in traffic. Every Åik is configured by you to serve your individual commuter needs. Racks, bags, trailers, baskets, passenger seats and more – it’s up to you.


Unsurpassed traffic ability, plenty of battery life and strong pulling power, thanks to the state-of-the-art drivetrain. Categorized as a pedelec means no struggles with licenses or vehicle restricted areas, you go the shortest way to your destination.


Heavy-duty performance – pulling, stowing, and carrying heavy loads – comes with no compromises. The Åik is engineered for your everyday comfort, so you can solve your daily challenges with a smile.


The choice for everyone who is looking for a smoother everyday commute, the fastest and most convenient way from A to B. Faster, stronger, better, wherever you go.

Easy to ride, easy to maintain

Coming from a background of high-performance electric motorcycles, the engineering process of the Åik has been exciting. Understanding the challenges of e-bikes used for daily errands, years around, we have chosen to use many components and materials from the motorbikes, resulting in robustness, but also in a vehicle with less maintenance than anything else.

Ride modes + walk assist

Reach: When range is more important than speed

Efficancy: When range and speed are equally important

Power: When speed is more important than range

Walk assist: 6 km/h using the thumb throttle


The Åik is designed to provide exceptional performance and convenience with its state-of-the-art lithium-ion battery. The light and powerful standard battery can take you up to 120 km on a single charge.

The battery is also easy to swap, remove, and charge separately, and of course be locked in your bike to prevent theft.

Proudly presenting the state-of-the-art Enviolo Extreme CVP hub gearbox. Automatic shifting and an integrated gearbox give incredible torque and pedal assistance. Less maintenance, more riding, and superior pulling power to get people and stuff from A to B faster than ever before.

The Åik is the strongest and most versatile street-legal version of its kind. The strong motor with 100 Nm of torque is supported by the Enviolo Extreme CVP hub gearbox. Promoting two-wheel agileness, comfort, speed and heavy pulling power in one package.

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Honored for the recognition

Engineered to solve your everyday challenges, setting a new standard for two wheeled, cargo vehicles.



Muse Design Awards, Transportation Design - Utility Vehicle


INVERSE’s Best of Show, CES 2023!
Details subject to change - see all specifications