Premium Öhlins suspension, lightweight, 280Nm of electric instant torque.

Kalk OR Race

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Torque (wheel)


Peak power


Top speed

+90km/h / +56mph


51.8V / 50Ah / 2.6kWh


75kg / 165lbs


up to 3 hours*

Total 12 370 GBP

Light, quiet and clean racing

The CAKE Kalk OR Race is the future of off-road racing. This midsize bike features 280Nm of raw electric instant torque, all in a super light, robust build with a 19"/18" MX wheel setup. The unique power to weight ratio delivers superior nimbleness and speed in tight, technical environments, easily leaving the enduro competition behind.

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Premium Öhlins suspension, 280Nm of electric instant torque. Born to race.

All power, no compromises

Light & Powerful

280Nm of rear-wheel torque, housed in a lightweight chassi, creates a unique power to weight ratio.


The Kalk combines leading lightweight and sturdiness at maximum performance. No pollution, no disturbance. Explore with respect.


Forget about nasty fumes, messy oil changes and expensive gasoline. Go electric and experience the snappy, no-nonsense future of off-road racing.

“You certainly couldn’t get around there that quick on a 450cc […] this is the best.”

- Sam Pilgrim, professional Freeride Mountain biker and former FMB world champion

Robert Kvarnström

Robert Kvarnström

2x Swedish champ & 10x World Enduro Championships podiums

”World’s fastest bike in compact technical formats”

Electric bike action

“Using the regen was fantastic. We liked mode two most of the time, but mode three was fantastic when descending and at times when going over jumps to help keep the bike from looping. Overall balance on the bike was fantastic, and at 143 pounds, you can throw the bike around more than you can a gas-powered motocross bike.”

Digital trends

"The Kalk OR is a super light bike with face-melting amounts of all-electric torque and the most premium parts."

Establishing a new racing category

Introducing the Midsize category – a nimble form factor that make the most out of a powerful, all-electric drivetrain. Premium, proprietary components that can take a beating, while being feathery light. Enjoy the ride.

Ride Modes

The ultimate mode during exploration. Top speed limited to 45 km/h (28mph) with 3-4 hours of battery range.

With 1-2 hours of riding time, a top speed of 70km/h and snappy acceleration, this mode is perfect for enduro riding out in the woods.

The perfect choice when you need all power available. Maximum torque and speed, no restrictions when it comes to performance. Up to 1 hour of riding time.

Braking Modes

No simulated motor braking. Feels like riding a bike, perfect for smooth, relaxed sessions.

Similar to 2-stroke motor braking, with energy regeneration. As you release the throttle you feel the bike slowing down at a slow pace.

Similar to 4-stroke motor braking, with energy regeneration. The bike will slow down significantly when the throttle is released. A good choice for technical tracks when full control of the bike is needed.


The Kalk features a lightweight and class-leading, powerful battery with premium lithium cells for the best possible range. The battery is easily removable and can be charged when installed on the bike or separately.

The external charger uses standard 110v/220v outlets and gets you from 0 to 80% in two hours, 0 to 100% in three hours.

With a superior power to weight ratio, the mighty drivetrain of the Kalk OR Race delivers 280 Nm's of powerful, rear wheel torque.

Featuring 204mm travel, the premium Öhlins three-staged air spring can be individually set for high or low speed compression and rebound adjustments. The MX tires and aluminum MX rims are designed to stand tall, even in the most challenging enduro conditions.


Find all Kalk manuals & assembly guides here

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  • CAKE Kalk OR Race

  • Removable Battery

  • Charger

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