The ultimate service vehicle for off-road duties.

Kalk :work

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Top speed

+90km/h / +56mph*


86km / 53miles*

Street legal



A1 / M1*


83kg / 183 lbs

Peak power


Total 11 770 GBP

Outlasting any job

Light, quiet, fast, powerful – The Kalk :work is our dedicated off-road platform, made with lightweight and premium components, to offer an agile and efficient vehicle for remote work assignments. With a unique power-to-weight formula, superior nimbleness and a compact design, the Kalk :work is a perfect tool for surveillance, patrolling or off-road service jobs. Fully street legal. Ready to be registered as 125cc equivalent in EU and USA.

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Designed to perform, in the harshest of conditions.

All power, no compromises

Light & Powerful

252Nm of rear-wheel torque, housed in a lightweight chassi, creates a unique power to weight ratio.


The Kalk :work offers maximum performance while keeping noise pollution at a minimum. Traverse nature and other work environments in a respectful way.


Electric drivetrain means zero emissions of carbon dioxide from riding. It also means that you can forget about fumes, oil changes, and filling up fuel.

"Its silent power, torque, and swift handling is a sensation”

- Olle Ohlson, Founder & Guide at Skojphoj

Outside magazine

"Kalk will offer you a completely new riding experience. It makes even the tightest and most technical trails much more manageable. It gives you the opportunity to encounter wildlife while you’re out riding. On it, you can explore the woods without disrupting them."

Bike rumor

“No gears, so it’s lighter & more nimble than a combustion engine motorcycle, and so much more confidence inspiring that any eMTB I’ve ridden”

Mfana Xaba

Mfana Xaba

Anti-poaching team leader at the Southern African Wildlife College.

“The petrol bikes we’ve used previously have all been loud, heavy and expensive to keep running in these areas. The CAKE bikes are quiet, which makes it easier for us to approach poachers undetected."

Midsize - A new category of bikes

Introducing the Midsize category – a nimble form factor that make the most out of a powerful, all-electric drivetrain. Premium, proprietary components that can take a beating, while being feathery light. Enjoy the ride.

Ride Modes

Limited top speed, maximum range. This ride mode puts minimum strain on the battery while enabling a top speed of 45km/h / 28 mph.

Optimized for long range at high speeds. Reaching 70km/h / 44 mph, this riding mode has slightly slower acceleration to conserve more energy.

For maximum torque and speed, offering great acceleration and top speeds of 90 km/h / 56 mph.

Create your own riding mode to fit your specific needs. Customize your ride mode using the CAKE Connect app.

Braking Modes

No simulated motor braking. Feels like riding a bike, perfect for smooth, relaxed sessions.

Similar to 2-stroke motor braking, with energy regeneration. As you release the throttle you feel the bike slowing down at a slow pace.

Similar to 4-stroke motor braking, with energy regeneration. The bike will slow down significantly when the throttle is released. A good choice for technical tracks when full control of the bike is needed.


The Kalk features a lightweight and class-leading, powerful battery with premium lithium cells for the best possible range. The battery is easily removable and can be charged when installed on the bike or separately.

The external charger uses standard 110v/220v outlets and gets you from 0 to 80% in two hours, 0 to 100% in three hours.

With a superior power to weight ratio, the mighty drivetrain of the Kalk :work delivers 252 Nm's of powerful, rear wheel torque.

Equipped with 200mm travel, the upside-down MX spring forks with rebound adjustment offers everything you need for both the outback and paved environments. The Kalk :work comes with wide 18" off-road tires, optimized for riding in harsh environments and remote areas. Sturdy motorcycle rims together with dual sport motorcycle tires easily meets the toughest of demands.


Find all Kalk manuals & assembly guides here

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What’s included?

Everything you need to get going

  • CAKE Kalk :work

  • Removable Battery

  • Charger

  • Lights & indicators

  • Rearview mirrors

  • Stand

  • Utility rack

  • Free CAKE Connect App

  • Toolset for final assembly

  • Service hotline