Solar-powered medical transport

Stella Futura together with CAKE is powering medical distribution in Ghana. Since the end of 2022, hospitals in Ghana have started using solar-powered CAKE Ösa motorbikes equipped with cold-storage boxes to efficiently transport medicine and vaccine to remote areas.

A sustainability initiative delivering medical supplies in Ghana

Servicing patients in remote areas continues to be a major challenge for the African medical community. Roads and other infrastructure is often non-existent, with unreliable electricity access preventing effective storage of medicine and equipment sensitive to temperature fluctuations.

To help tackle this, we’ve partnered up with Stella Futura, a renewable energy company that delivers solar panels to power hospitals in Ghana. This collaboration creates a sustainable solution where Stella Futura provides the renewable energy alternative and CAKE provides the transportation of medicine.

Safe storage powered by the sun

During the first phase of this Ghana-based initiative, we have delivered several electric CAKE Ösa Flex motorbikes equipped with cooling boxes to hospitals in the capital of Accra. These bikes will be used for transporting medical staff, medicines and vaccines between urban hospitals and rural healthcare centers.

With solar-powered hospitals serving as a natural charging point for the motorcycles, and the cooling boxes being charged by the bikes' own battery, a fully sustainable chain is created.

Delivered to the remotest locations

Thanks to its loading and off-road capabilities, the Ösa bike makes it possible to deliver medicine to remote, off-the-grid areas at the correct temperature. We use quality cooling boxes from Dometic, charged through the battery of the bike, which makes it possible to cool vaccines and medicines wherever it’s needed.

Since the bike is solar-powered and fully electric, access to fuel is virtually free and plentiful. While the sturdy construction makes the bike stand up to the toughest of conditions, with potential repairs easily performed thanks to the modular design. Ensuring the contents reach any destination safely.

The goal is to jointly assist in expanding healthcare access to rural populations, with the aim of scaling the project as more performance data and learnings become available.

About Stella Futura

Founded in 2018, Stella Futura’s mission is to make high-performance renewable energy systems affordable everywhere. In order to deliver on that mission Stella pairs flexible business models with industry leading technology, resulting in operational cost reduction and lower CO2 emissions. We do battery integration, solar project development and solar park development.

About the bike

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Bikes with a purpose, built for the outback.

The CAKE Ösa is a family of sturdy, high-performance scooters and motorcycles, built to stand tall in any environment and allowing for grid-independence, as the powerful internal battery can power anything from mobile phones to power tools.