The drive for a greater cause

Stefan Ytterborn, CAKE founder & CEO, share his drive for a greater cause and how that led him to the idea to design and develop electric off-road motorcycles.

The search for something meaningful
The birth of CAKE as an entity has its roots, I would say, in my professional history. Everything I have done has been related to a passion for things that get me going.

Being brought up partly in Brazil, where I started surfing. And skiing back home in Sweden. What I always wanted to do.

And that has pretty much brought me to where I am right now. Eventually I got to the point where I needed to do something beyond that, and search for something meaningful. I founded a company, that I’ve been operating for over 10 years, named POC.

Doing, on a daily basis, everything you can to exceed what you did yesterday.

The birth of the idea behind CAKE
Seven or eight years ago I first got in contact with an Italian brand called Quantya, electric motorcycles. At the time, the first one to be out there, promoting something unique.

Discovering the outdoors without noise. I was super excited about that.
Nature is wonderful, and this is a pursuit that supports the idea of being a part of that without any sound. That’s the passion behind the whole idea.

If you get a chance to try this new category – do it. It’s a totally new experience, far from traditional motorbike riding. It’s going to change your perspective on what outdoor excitement and experience might be.