The quest of defining a new category for off-road discovery

CAKE’s founder and CEO, Stefan Ytterborn, share his view of the current market for electric off-road vehicles on 2 wheels. Stefan is describing the new category of light weight off-road motorbikes in the current industry gap.

The industry gap

The gap is amazing. I love gaps, because gaps mean opportunities. I did observe in the off-road industry, that a few players have come a long way in terms of developing very sophisticated electric motorcycles. Both for off-road use and road use.

I think that there is still a stagnation in terms of their development. They’re stuck where they’ve always been, supporting their current market to traditional motorcyclists.

They tend to do what they always did, putting an electric drive train on a motorbike which has been developed for the combustion engine.

But due to the different characteristics of the combustion engine and an electric drive train, there are very different consequences in terms of how the perfect ride actually comes out.

Again, the motorcycle industry is stuck with the old.
There’s a gap between what’s going on in the traditional motorcycle industry – big brands making electric off-road motorbikes, but they’re still like traditional motorbikes – and the cycling industry making mountain bikes with electric aid motors. A category growing very fast, totally supporting a need in the market.

A new format for off-road e-motorcycles

This new format, the optimised format to support the ride with an e-drive train off-road, is a new format not yet defined. And that’s where CAKE show up. CAKE is developing everything to support and optimise the ride in the format that CAKE is establishing.

CAKE has developed everything from scratch. Sometimes internally and sometimes together with established and leading brands of such functionalities.

Whether that be companies specialising in suspension or brakes. As well as bringing a new level of performance to the drive chain, in terms of what CAKE is doing with regards to battery, motor, controller, battery management system and so forth.

CAKE is looking into all these details and supporting the level of relevancy in detail, for a holistic solution, which is a perfected product.