The responsible last mile

In the last couple of years, last-mile deliveries have soared to new heights – spurred by a change in consumer behavior. For businesses striving for excellence and customer satisfaction, CAKE offers a tailored 360° service that includes everything from properly employed drivers to state-of-the-art food containers.

The rise of last-mile deliveries has changed the landscape for many businesses, but especially so for restaurateurs. The latter now have to take into account that many guests are served at tables far away from the restaurant itself – in the comfort of their homes.

Until now, most restaurants have relied on the gig-economy to manage external deliveries. We’ve all been on the receiving end of such a transaction. Opening the door to an obviously stressed driver, hurriedly handed a bag containing a meal that turns out to be lukewarm. Now imagine that this was your first impression of said restaurant. Would you make the trip across town the next time? How does it affect the way your life’s work is perceived and talked about?

After a number of successful trial runs with the premium Swedish restaurateur group Svenska Brasserier, CAKE now permanently offers a 360° service package that redefines modern last-mile food deliveries, making business better for everyone involved.

"We are very proud to offer our customers home delivery, without the subcontractors we have control over the whole process from production to delivery, to ensure a top-class delivery" -Niklas Johansson, CEO at Svenska Brasserier

“We increased our efficiency by more than 50 % with the CAKE bikes compared to 4-wheeled vehicles” -Oscar Johansson, founder, and CEO, FAVO food delivery

“We can now fully honor food, flavor, sustainability and local community, using electric, non-polluting, silent delivery mopeds in combination with temperature-controlled containers from Dometic.” - Bar Agrikultur, Michelin guide restaurant

“This is the absolute best alternative for fast, efficient, premium food delivery with satisfaction throughout the delivery chain. It’s amazing to be among the first with this solution. In 5 years this is what all deliveries will look like!” -Sally Tammisto, COO at Brillo Pizza

A holistic approach to smarter deliveries

It all starts with our core offering – environmentally sound, fully-electric two-wheelers that are designed to help drive business, streamline existing practices and create new opportunities. Forget about parking fines, traffic jams and expensive fuel policies – discover a world of efficient, two-wheeled service tools.

Working together with Dometic, we have developed a state-of-the-art, temperature controlled delivery box, featuring compartments that can be individually temperature controlled and tracked in real-time, for consistency and quality assurance. The box is powered by the bike itself, ensuring smooth, uninterrupted handling.

By employing their own delivery staff, providing them with reasonable terms & conditions and training them to become professional waiters on wheels, participating restaurants gain a competitive edge over the competition. Maintaining full control over their respective brands, from kitchen to doorstep, customer expectations have been surpassed while the company itself remains ahead of the legislative curve, setting an inspiring example for others to follow.

No chain is stronger than its weakest link, a dilemma most restaurateurs realize but until now may have struggled to find sustainable solutions to. Just as our electric motorbikes, The CAKE Last Mile Service Solution sprung out of a need for change. The result is business made better, for everyone involved.

Watch these videos explaining how the Dometic solution works

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