The cleanest dirt bike ever

CAKE and the leading European energy company Vattenfall have joined forces, aiming to make the first truly fossil free vehicle – covering the entire production chain – by 2025.

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Explore the bike

This is a CAKE Kalk OR, a fully electric dirt bike. Emission free when used, like all products it still emits greenhouse gasses when produced. 1186 kg of carbon dioxide equivalents, to be precise.

Footprint overview

Aluminium 24%

Steel 4%

Rubber 1%

Plastic 2%

Electronics 6%

Others 1%

Motor, Battery, Controller, Brakes, Suspension 62%

The partners

The Cleanest Dirt Bike Ever Project was launched jointly by CAKE and Vattenfall, open for the world's best and brightest suppliers to join the ride as the project unfolds.

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The process

We are reinventing the wheel, and the rest of this bike.

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Recent news

CAKE and Vattenfall sign Letter Of Intent


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The cleanest dirt bike ever