Bzzt is a Stockholm based last-mile delivery company, active in the three biggest cities in Sweden. The company has recently, in line with the last-mile delivery industry, transitioned towards more environmentally friendly vehicle solutions. During this transition, the choice of vehicle supplier was clear.


Founded in 2017, the Swedish company was originally designed as a transportation service for people, but came to the realization to transition into the last-mile industry for parcel and food delivery in order to remain competitive and has since taken the industry by storm. With the transformation of their business model, they also transitioned into more environmentally friendly and optimized vehicles.

Emelie Holmer is Head of Delivery Services at Bzzt AB and has been working with the company since early 2021.

“The major challenge during the Covid-19 pandemic was the decline in demand for personal transportation. We took a bet and pivoted the business model into the last-mile delivery industry – but realized that our current fleet of vehicles wouldn’t cut it. That’s why we reached out to CAKE.”

CAKE's model range, and especially the :work series, provided Bzzt with an opportunity to discover new types of zero-emission vehicles suitable for the last mile delivery industry.

Why Bzzt chose CAKE

With its new business model, Bzzt offers a fossil-free delivery service for food delivery companies, restaurants, shops and companies. Bzzt was in need of efficient urban transportation for their operations.

“A vehicle that would fit our needs, to both satisfy our business as well as ensure our customers' commitment to us, would have to be sustainable, environmentally friendly and of course have to be able to work practically with transporting all kinds of commercial packages and deliveries,” Emelie says.

Along with this criteria, it was also important for Bzzt to minimize wasted time and improve efficiency in all aspects. “A CAKE vehicle is way more efficient than our previous vehicles. The neat two-wheeled design makes it easier for our drivers to park and get to our customers with their delivery, it gets through traffic unhindered and just feels smoother,” says Emelie.

ÖSA to the rescue

The vehicles Bzzt used beforehand were not completely suitable for the last mile delivery purpose. The Cake models, Ösa in particular, presented an opportunity for Bzzt to expand their fleet.

The first contact was made in April of 2021 and today, Bzzt has 50 Ösa flex, all fitted with rear carriers to be able to transport different types of deliveries.

“We started with a small batch but quite quickly expanded the number of CAKE vehicles in our daily operations. Our drivers enjoy driving on them as the Ösa feels very robust and we have seen significant improvement in regards to our KPIs and general efficiency.”

Benefits of the ÖSA flex for Bzzt:

- The high modularity allows various accessories and therefore different types of packages and deliveries to be transported depending on the use case for the moment.

- The sustainability—not just zero emissions during driving but low and documented emissions of production.

- A great way to get around—getting to pick-up locations and destinations faster and more efficiently.

“One of the main aspects which we loved about the system was the fact that we can alter the speed, and lock the bike in a specific ride mode. This is of high importance to us as safety is a main aspect of our operations.”

The Results

“Our operations have significantly improved since we began using the Ösa. Our drivers have decreased their time of travel by half and been able to deliver three times more deliveries per hour with the Ösa compared to previous vehicles. Our ability to use the fleet management for fault reports on the bikes has also transformed our overall management,” Emelie explains.


Short-haul transports, food deliveries, factory floor transits, road maintenance and much more – CAKE’s two-wheelers are revolutionizing business logistics in a way that’s smooth, simple and clean. Regardless if you’re a first responder, carpenter, park ranger, photographer, real estate broker, delivery courier or service professional – there’s an electric solution for you.

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