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What is CAKE?

CAKE is a Swedish company, derived from a passion for gravity sports and the vision of Stefan Ytterborn, a global success with POC and over three decades of being an influential force in design, product development, and communication. From the inception, the aim was clear: develop high-quality performance products that would inspire a shift to a zero-emission society, combining excitement with responsibility. Over 200+ Innovation and Design awards later, such as Red Dot and IF Design Awards, speak volumes but in subtle tones about the monumental strides in our mission. Light, quiet, and clean—these aren't just adjectives, but a mantra that took shape in January 2018 with the unveiling of our first model, Kalk.

The CAKE category

The light electric off-road motorbikes category has seen evolution from small builders. These pioneers were assembling hybrids from standard parts from cycling and motorcycling spaces. But CAKE took it further, engineering and manufacturing everything from frame to wheels, to meet the intended level of performance in riding, durability, and overall quality. It's not just about the Kalk; our wide assortment ranges from the off-road beast Bukk, the nimble and lightweight Makka, the versatile Ösa, to the no-limits Åik, accelerating us faster towards our mission.

The properties of an electric drivetrain mean a number of things:

less weight, more agility, and zero emissions. Imagine snappy, lively rides, opening the realm of motorbiking to anyone, irrespective of physical condition. Being nearly silent adds to the riding experience, enhancing the level of respect for your surroundings—be it fellow hikers, wild animals, or even your neighbors.

Cleanliness has numerous facets. Charging your bike with renewable energy or even solar panels from CAKE, without any pollution or fumes, serves as true evidence of sustainability. Maintenance? Think of it as minimal—a paradigm shift from combustion engines.

What's the purpose?

Inspiring people, contributing to speeding up the journey towards a zero-emission society, combining excitement with responsibility. From the Ösa's versatile utility to Makka's commuting convenience and the Bukk's off-road prowess, our diverse range of models epitomizes this purpose.

What's the approach?

No compromises. Engineered from the ground up, every component is optimized for an unparalleled riding experience. Every detail fine-tuned, for performance and reduced carbon footprint.

Built like LEGO

A focus on simplified use and minimized maintenance. Modular systems that can be adjusted, replaced, or enhanced effortlessly. If a part malfunctions, swap it out. It's that simple.

From Inner City Commuting to Heavy Off-Roading and Everything in Between

Our range is not just about individual models; it's a comprehensive force designed to reshape the future of  mobility. Award-winning innovation meets performance, all wrapped up in our unwavering commitment to respect and sustainability.

This is CAKE. Where excitement and responsibility unite. The future is electric.

Explore with respect®.

Design & innovation

CAKE; us working here are obsessed by optimizing quality and relevancy, in conjuntion with the defined category of light, quiet and clean electric off road performance motor bikes as well a supporting the mission to inspire people towards a zero emission society, combining excitement with responsibility.

There are a number of defined criterias in the areas of typology, culture and heritage, innovation, quality, performance, manufacturing, materials, processing, responsibility, opportunities and accuracy that we are committed and obliged to.

Those criterias are constant and reflect everything we do in terms of operations, products and communication.

Speaking about design, engineering and innovation, all processes are initiated, lead and directed by the CAKE design & development team.

At times we would assign external partners for sketching, conceptual analysis, kinematics, electronics and visuals for occasional needs.

Examples of excellent support in such processes are: the Sotto Group, UP Design, Berotec, Dolk Engineering, Howl, Photographer Jörgen Brennicke, WtcC, G-Form and more.