Design & innovation

CAKE; us working here are obsessed by optimizing quality and relevancy, in conjuntion with the defined category of light, quiet and clean electric off road performance motor bikes as well a supporting the mission to inspire people towards a zero emission society, combining excitement with responsibility.

There are a number of defined criterias in the areas of typology, culture and heritage, innovation, quality, performance, manufacturing, materials, processing, responsibility, opportunities and accuracy that we are committed and obliged to.

Those criterias are constant and reflect everything we do in terms of operations, products and communication.

Speaking about design, engineering and innovation, all processes are initiated, lead and directed by the CAKE design & development team.

At times we would assign external partners for sketching, conceptual analysis, kinematics, electronics and visuals for occasional needs.

Examples of excellent support in such processes are: the Sotto Group, UP Design, Berotec, Dolk Engineering, Howl, Photographer Jörgen Brennicke, WtcC, G-Form and more.