Meet David Gonzalez - Designer

David brings a great mix of experience from designing consumer electronics, sport goods and vehicles. He has a long experience from design projects with brands like Blue by Blueair, Husqvarna, LG, POC, Tobii and Scania. Before joining CAKE David designed helmets for Etto.

Why did you join CAKE?

I’ve been working with product design and in the automotive industry. When I heard about CAKE, and what they wanted to do, I saw both of these worlds coming together. A dynamic moving object with a clear simplistic modern design. Also, I wanted to take part in this new sustainable vision of future movement.

What’s the greatest challenge designing the CAKE motorbike?

Considering CAKE is going to be a product unseen before, a completely new format on the off-road scene. It needs to make its own statement. It’s important to find the aesthetics that will support that. To harmonise the design with what CAKE offers, the feeling of easily being a part of nature and experiencing it without noise or pollution, rather than being aggressive and complicated.

There are also a lot of technical challenges and performance aspects we want to deliver on, to make it into this fun, agile and intuitive product.

What do you hope to achieve with the design of the CAKE motorbike?

I’m hoping, together with the rest of the team, to define a new icon. A motorbike that stands for environmental friendliness, silence, fun and capability.

A motorbike that will change the way we perceive and experience nature. A new outdoor experience for a diversified target group. We want to share this feeling with people and hopefully they will love it.