Hydro teams up with CAKE and Vattenfall to create the Cleanest Dirt Bike Ever

Hydro, a global aluminium company from Norway, has joined forces with CAKE and Vattenfall in their pioneering project, the Cleanest Dirt Bike Ever, aiming to inspire the industry to minimize its carbon footprint. In this collaborative effort, Hydro will play a crucial role in reducing the aluminium footprint of the motorbike.

CAKE and Vattenfall have committed to producing the Cleanest Dirt Bike Ever by removing carbon emissions from the electric CAKE Kalk OR's production chain by 2025, without resorting to carbon offsetting. The goal with the initiative is to inspire the automotive industry to reduce carbon emissions in production methods through innovative partnerships.

Since the start of the project, several significant partners have joined, including Öhlins Racing, the market leading manufacturer of suspension products, and SKF, which will provide the bike with bearings produced with minimal emissions. Vattenfall and CAKE are now also teaming up with Hydro to reduce the carbon footprint of the bike's aluminium.

Aluminium parts constitute 25% of the Kalk OR's weight, establishing it as the predominant material in the bike. It plays a vital role in all CAKE motorcycles, offering strength and lightness. Nevertheless, aluminium production carries drawbacks, particularly in terms of carbon emissions released. For the Kalk OR specifically, aluminium accounts for 27% of total carbon emissions and additional 7% from the battery, motor, brakes, controller and suspension. In the pursuit of creating the Cleanest Dirt Bike Ever, the partners have explored cleaner aluminium solutions available before 2025 and are now working on implementing Hydro’s recycled aluminium with near-zero emissions.

"Vattenfall and CAKE are happy to announce the addition of another partner in the Cleanest Dirt Bike Ever project. Hydro contributes extensive knowledge and a strong commitment to decarbonizing their production process. Through our collaboration, we will explore a diverse range of options and potential zero-emission solutions for the Kalk OR. Since aluminium is a crucial material in all CAKE bikes, reducing its carbon footprint will have a significant impact on the bike. Demonstrating the potential of low emission solutions with aluminum will hopefully also influence the entire industry", states Stefan Ytterborn, CEO of CAKE.

"We are thrilled to join forces with CAKE and Vattenfall on the Cleanest Dirt Bike Ever project. At Hydro, we are fully committed to achieving net-zero emissions by 2050 or earlier and our dedication extends to becoming a prominent driver in delivering zero-carbon aluminum by 2030. Together with CAKE and Vattenfall, we hope to push the limits of sustainability, explore innovative solutions, and inspire the entire industry to participate in forging a cleaner future", says Jonas Bjuhr, Managing Director at Hydro Extrusions Sweden.

We have already started the process together, read more about our work and current challenges here

The Cleanest Dirt Bike Ever

One bike built to change how all vehicles are made.

The automotive industry has a huge responsibility to lead the way to a fossil free society. That goes much further than how vehicles are powered. It means removing carbon emissions from entire production chains. CAKE and Vattenfall teamed up to lead the way, aiming to produce the first truly fossil free vehicle by 2025, decarbonizing every link in the production chain for the CAKE Kalk OR bike. Our mission is to inspire industry and policy makers to act, so we’ll share our breakthroughs, setbacks and methodology along the way. Because going fossil free ourselves is great, but inspiring others to do it is even better.

About Hydro

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