The electric bush bikes

Originating from the Anti-Poaching initiative, CAKE’s Electric Bush Bike demonstrate durability, functionality and the opportunitiets of creating innovative solutions to urgent and difficult challenges. The AP family now includes both the agile Kalk AP off-roader, and the two versions of Ösa AP, the multi-functional, off-grid transporter: Ösa+ AP and Ösa flex AP.

In line with CAKE’s commitment to wildlife preservation, customers buying an AP bike will also support the Southern African Wildlife College. In your purchase, 3 percent of the proceeds goes directly to the project together with the SAWC.

Ösa flex AP

The high-performance utility machine. Engineered for wildlife conservation areas.
fr.EUR 282 / mon/ 8 880 EUR
Top speed:
45km/h / 28mph*
92km / 57miles*
Street legal:
AM, B / Car, M1, M2*

The anti-poaching initiative