Company leasing with CAKE

Choose an electric motorcycles, scooters and e-bikes from CAKE to increase your business efficacy.

At CAKE, we help companies transition to a fossil-free vehicle fleet and achieve their emission goals by offering a wide range of heavy duty electric vehicles. Whether you're a small business owner looking for a cost-effective company vehicle or a service company looking to switch to the industry leading fleet solution, we have the solution for you!

How it works:

  • Choose the model and accessories to meet your needs.

  • Choose the period and how much you want to pay per month.

  • You lease the moped for the contract period, and we help you with service.

  • When the contract expires, you can choose to extend it or buy out the moped at the predetermined residual value.


With our modular bikes, you can customize the vehicle to your needs. Easily switching between accessories such as baskets, cargo boxes, carriers and extra seats, you can use one vehicle for multiple purposes.

Low Ownership Costs

Our bikes are 100% electric and have very low maintenance requirements. Unlike gasoline or diesel-powered vehicles, no oil changes or general drivetrain service is needed. In addition, as a business entitled to deduct the entire VAT on our electric bikes and can finance them with a residual value that provides lower monthly costs.

Easy Control with the App

With the CAKE Connect app, you always have full control over your vehicles and fleet. With features such as GPS tracking, riding history, battery status, and riding mode. We update your vehicle automatically through "over-the-air" updates so that you always have the latest software.

Oscar Johansson, founder and CEO

Oscar Johansson, founder and CEO

Favo food delivery

“We increased our efficiency by more than 50% with CAKE’s electric mopeds compared to 4-wheeled vehicles.”

 Steinar Danielsen, Sustainability Lead at M

Steinar Danielsen, Sustainability Lead at M

M - Volvo Car Mobility

"The Ösa bike is further enhancing efficiency and shrinking our footprint. This collaboration plugs directly into our goal of moving people sustainably."

Sven Wolf, CEO

Sven Wolf, CEO


“We’ve experienced up to 3 times more deliveries per hour with the cake bikes compared to other vehicles.”