We at CAKE are looking forward to helping you out. Despite how much information you put out there, some questions will always remain. However, before reaching out to us please check the below list of most frequently asked questions. If you cannot find your answer we are happy to help you.

What is CAKE?

CAKE was started as a Swedish company with a clear mission to inspire towards a zero-emission society, by combining excitement and responsibility in its development of light, quiet, and clean high performance electric off-road motorcycles.

Today CAKE is a Scandinavian brand with teams in Norway and Sweden. The journey towards zero-emission continues with focus on all the everyday heros out there: taking the kids to kindergarten, communting to work, picking up milk at the grocery store, ...

The bankruptcy

CAKE 0 Emission AB went bankrupt February 1st 2024.

The bankcrupty estated is managed by Fyliga. Any questions, requests or concerns regarding the bankruptcy should be addressed to ridecake@fylgia.se.

No. All legal obligations such as warranites expired when CAKE 0 Emission AB went bankrupt.

We will try our best to support you, but we do not have spare parts for all previous bikes. Please contact us at hello@ridecake.com and we will see what we can do.

Order an electric motorbike

Vist us at our showroom in Hammarby Sjöstad! Or contact us through hello@ridecake.com. There are also CAKE dealers out there happy to help you. For more information please visit Find CAKE

The instant torque and quiet ride are addicting! Sign up and we'll contact you with the details: https://ridecake.com/en/test-ride

Right now we do not sell spare parts. If you need your bike to be fixed or service please reach out to us at hello@ridecake.com and we will try our best to support you.


We have different categories of electric motorbikes that serve different needs. The bikes in the category “Explore & Commute” are street-legal in the USA and all European Union countries. You will have to register bikes in this category according to your state and/or country regulations.

For our street-legal models, you will need either a motorcycle or moped license depending on the model. The street-legal motorcycles are equivalent to a 125cc and require a motorcycle license. The Ösa Lite is a street-legal moped which is equivalent to a 50cc. It typically only requires a driver’s license in the U.S.A., but please check your state regulations. You can also call us for assistance.

The off-road bikes in the Category “Race” or “Freeride” are not street-legal and do not come with lights and indicators. Please check your local regulations on registering off-road vehicles.

Reach out if you have any specific questions!

Get in touch here

Most US states require OHV or (Off-Highway Vehicles) to be registered. Please comply with your state’s regulations for your CAKE off-road electric motorbike. CAKE off-road models are: Kalk OR Race, Kalk OR, Kalk INK Race, Kalk INK, Kalk AP

Depending on which electric motorbike you would like to test you will need the following licenses:

Models: Kalk OR Race, Kalk INK race, Kalk OR, Kalk INK, Kalk AP:
No license requirement, Off-road only

Models: Kalk&, Kalk INK&, Ösa+
License requirement: A1 (EU) / M1/Motorcycle (USA), Certified for street use.

Model: Ösa flex, Makka flex
License requirement: AM or B (EU) / Ca (M2 in California) Varies in some States (USA).

Model: Ösa range, Makka range
License requirement: None (EU) / None, Car, M1, M2 (USA)**

The seat, suspension and handlebars are adjustable to fit just you, no matter your size - you'll ride the bike without a problem. To better understand how our different bikes will fit you, use our Size guide.

Make sure that your bike is always in good condition and avoid injury or damage. Please make sure to always read our regular inspection and maintenance recommendations for your model. For more information, look up your model in service and support

If your bike is not working properly, please take a look at our Service & Support page to find the solution.

If you cannot find the problem you are having, contact CAKE directly through hello@ridecake.com and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

You find your Vin number in your CAKE connect app or use our VIN-guide.

Quick guide original rim sizes, make sure to choose a tire that fits your rim!

  • Kalk INK, Kalk&, Kalk INK& Front and rear: 19" x 1.85"
  • Kalk INK RACE, Kalk OR RACE: Front, 19" x 1.40" Rear: 18" x 1.85"
  • Kalk :work Front and rear: 18" x 1,85"
  • Ösa Flex, Ösa+: Front and rear: 14" x 2.15"
  • Makka range, Makka flex: 14" x 2,15"

All rims are standard dimensioned meaning that if you want to change tires according to your preferences you can do so.

Please check with your local authorities when it comes to use of studded tires as there are different regulations in different countries.

Please be aware that Country regulations vary and make sure to follow your state’s regulations for local definitions and classifications of trails that allow motorized vehicles.

The Kalk models basically are developed with back country exploring in mind. Silently gliding through the woods at high speed without disturbing or polluting. With the street legal models Kalk INK& and Kalk& you can also commute.

The Ösa models are meant to serve their users as best friends. It is a workbench and powerstation on wheels. Going to work bringing a laptop, picking up groceries on the way back home, taking your kids or a friend for a passenger, getting the planks from the wood shop or bringing your leisure gear, whether a surfboard or a pair of skis to the point of action during the weekend.

CAKE bikes cannot be submerged but can withstand rain and riding through some water. Always be cautious when cleaning the bike. The bikes electrical components can be damaged if cleaned improperly which can damage the bike, property or people. Always make sure that the bike is standing firmly before washing and don’t forget to turn the bike off. Never use a pressure washer or a water hose in order to clean the bike. It’s recommended to use pressurized air, a bucket of water together with a cloth and brush. When cleaning the chain, use a chain cleaner and scrub the chain with a brush. Repeat the cleaning before drying the chain and apply chain lube.

How to safely wash your CAKE bike

The app

The Ridecake / CAKE Connect app is no longer available for download or use.

The CAKE app is no longer available. It has been shut down indefinitely due to issues and bugs caused by the connectivity functionality and underlying systems.

Since the CAKE app is no longer available, you do not need your Connectivity ID any longer.

Battery & charging

You can use your home’s regular 120V/220V outlet to charge your bike. Always read the charging manual before charging.

You can charge your battery at any percentage of charge. When charging the bike, do the following steps:

  1. Make sure that the battery is connected to the bike (both connectors from battery, both the big red one and the small yellow one)
  2. Disconnect the killswitch
  3. Turn on the master switch (pointing upwards)
  4. Plug the charger into the bike (charger connector can be found under the bike, close to the triple clamps)
  5. Lastly, plug the charger into the outlet (120V or 220V)
  6. Do not interrupt the charging process. Let the battery charge fully. This may take longer than expected the first time while the cells balance.
  • When the charger is connected, it will show a red light. When the charging is done, it will light in green. When the charging is finished, don’t forget to put the rubber cap on the connector, not to break it during riding.
  • Never use the charger in any other application than with the CAKE bike.
  • Never use any other charger than the original CAKE charger.
  • Never have the kill switch on the handlebar connected as the bike can be turned on and ridden while the charger is connected. This can cause severe injuries to people or properties.
  1. Charging cycles: The average commute is 11km daily / 200 days a year. The battery life in charging cycles, according to this calculation would be 8 years or more.
  2. You can ride when it's cold but store and charge them at "indoor temperatures".

YES, all our new batteries are compatible with older versions of bike models.

In order to keep your bike safe it is recommended to use an external lock that is recommended for motorcycles. When leaving your bike on the street, always turn the bike off and remove the key and the kill switch from the bike. Lock the steering lock by turning the handlebar all the way to the left and insert the key into the steering lock and turn the key. You will feel how the handlebar will be locked to that position, so you can’t ride the bike. The steering lock is found under the triple clamps between the fork legs.

Always store the bike indoors away from sunshine to avoid unnecessary aging or discoloration. Never store your bike in below 10° C, if you are unable to store the bike in temperature above that, remove the battery and bring it inside. It’s recommended to keep your bike inside during if the outside temperature ranges outside of +2°C to +35°C (36 F to 95 F

Riding in the cold is not a problem, but for optimum performance don't leave the battery out in the cold. You can store and charge the battery at indoor temperatures.

Yes! All CAKE batteries are hot-swappable, meaning users can remove, store and charge the battery separately to the bike.

We recommend maintaining your bike’s battery charge at between 50%-75% and turning the kill switch off.


All our range estimates are from the WMTC-II which is a test the bike is doing when it's being homologated (certified for street use) All bikes does the same so the number does not come from us, it's the number we got from the test.

The range is set depending on how big your battery is (measured in kWh) and how strong your motor is (measured in kW). Your way of riding the bike effects how far the range will be. The top range we set from what we call "mixed city riding" which means that the range in real life can be both shorter and longer depending on the speed, hills, weight and temperature. Thanks to the CAKE components, we can have small batteries but with the longest possible range.

Heavy loading will effect the range, so if you want to maximise the range make sure to travel light.

plan your riding, take advantage from the brake modes to recharge the battery while braking, keep the battery inside or in warm temperature when it's cold outside.

Partner with CAKE

Great that you're eager! We have various programs to boost different businesses in different sectors

Learn more and get in touch

Of course! Being able to ride new areas without disturbing and polluting is the future of riding. Learn more


The :work series features 6 bikes, all optimized for business efficiency, power and reach. The CAKE :work series is built for true professionals and mobile workforces, meeting the mobility needs of modern last-mile delivery couriers, service professionals, handymen, park rangers, carpenters and much more. With larger batteries, boosted motor power and more compact designs, the :work bikes are the ultimate electric tools to beat the competition in efficiency and productivity.

Yes, just like companies can get the regular bikes, consumers can get the :work bikes.

How many bikes and what are your needs? Send an email to hello@ridecake.com to get in contact with an account manager, to get a quote and further guidance

Yes. All new :work-specific accessories fit the regular models.

All regular parts fit :work bikes and the other way around.

New batteries and increased battery capacity give an extended range. Higher Flux makes the bikes smarter for fleet management purposes, increased motor power, more riding modes, and a new line of accessories specially developed for various business needs. Learn more about the specs here.

The CAKE bikes are optimized for long-range to run for the full working day. With the Ösa range :work for example, you can ride up to 160 km in one go. See specifications under each bike for details.

The CAKE bikes are built for resilience, to carry heavyweight. The Makka :work for example, has a max permissible load of 245 kg. See specifications under each bike or get in touch with us for more details.

Varies depending on the region you are in. Please check your local requirements.

25 km/h models - in most markets permissible to ride without a driver’s license.

45 km/h models - a driver’s license for cars is enough in most markets but in some cases, you need a specific license for moped as well.

90 km/h models - often need a motorcycle license but also here you can ride them with a driver’s license in some regions.

Anywhere you have a standard power outlet you can charge. The batteries are removable which makes it easy to charge them in remote places, outside the bike. Just unlock it, lift it up, and put it on a charge where it makes sense for the user. (of course, the batteries are heavily locked to prevent unauthorized theft)

Charging a CAKE bike to 100 % takes anything between 3-6 hours, depending on the model you choose. See specifications under each bike for details.

On the Makka and the Ösa yes, you can bring a passanger, for the Kalk no. Check your local regulations and make sure you have the equipment needed to carry a passanger.

The bikes are built to endure even the harshest of conditions, with quality components made of durable materials. And remember, bad weather usually means more traffic, meaning you will be even more efficient than your competition on your two-wheeled machine.

From top speeds of 25 km/h (16mph) to 90 km/h (56mph), depending on the model you choose. See specifications under each bike for details.

A combination of bringing everything needed and getting it from A-B, faster than ever before lays the foundation for increased efficacy for every courier, with great economics, and unparalleled TCO for the fleet.

- Up to 2000 liters loading capacity.

- Deliberately measured, from trailers to handlebars are engineered to be the fastest way in traffic.

- Built for the lowest possible maintenance + all-electric, no fuel, fluids, and charging enable the lowest possible running costs.

- Never waste time, looking for parking spots.

- Long-range, swappable batteries, fast standard outlet charging, allow the business to roll 24/7 to perfect the craft.

“We’ve experienced up to 3 times more deliveries per hour with the CAKE bikes” - Sven Wolf, CEO at Bzzt, last-mile transports

“We increased our efficiency by more than 50 % with the CAKE bikes compared to 4-wheeled vehicles” - Oscar Johansson, founder and CEO, FAVO food delivery

Reach out and let us know of your specific needs so we can make estimates for your business.

Thanks to electric drivetrains, the bikes require little to no maintenance, which lowers long and short-term costs. All bikes are engineered with quality components that prolong the product life cycles, ultimately lowering the TCO and increasing the efficiency for any business.

Send an email to hello@ridecake.com we’ll get in touch with you. Depending on your business needs, how many motorbikes you need, and what model you need, we’ll put together a quote customized for you.

We’ll be happy to help select the right bike model for you. Get in touch here and our local business manager will reach out to you.

The Makka :work and Ösa :work models both have USB and 12V power outputs, which allows off-grid charging of gadgets like phones, laptops and tablets. To power heavy-duty electronics like drills, welding machines and more, a power converter is needed, which can easily be added to your order.

The Dometic box at max heat is at 120W, the Ösa :work battery is at 3,75kWh (3750W) which means that the box, at max heat, can run by the battery for ≈31 hours. That said no matter the battery, the range impact from powering the box while riding is very limited.