Technology and innovation

At CAKE, we are dedicated to designing and manufacturing the highest quality and most innovative electric off-road performance motorcycles, with the core mission to inspire and accelerate towards a zero emission society. The most advanced and technological solutions are crucial to speed up the process of making combustion engines a thing of the past.

Our design, science, tech team as well as selected partners are constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation in terms of typology, culture, heritage, quality, performance, manufacturing, materials, processing, responsibility, opportunities and accuracy. No hypothetical technology that doesn't yet exist is promoted, but real technology with the most advanced solutions available today are used to push electric mobility forward. (We love and work with speculative future concepts too, but we don't try to make them look like they commercially exist before they are actually available). At the heart of our vehicles, everything is based on the CAKEcomponents. A handful of key components that, together, deliver performance to the next level.

Performance in one package

The pinnacle of performance and innovation in the light electric motorbike industry. Standard-produced motors and whole drivetrains are developed for wide general configurations to serve lower performance and wide use cases well, but to push the performance development further, our own motors have hit the market. After years of development, we have accomplished the truly most optimized IPM (Internal Permanent Magnet) motor with radial flux for efficiency and power. The result is a bespoke air-cooled drivetrain that is the most optimized in the industry, providing innovation in performance, low maintenance, and user experience. All to maximize performance in light off-road vehicles.

Software combined with hardware

We are building bikes specifically engineered for new categories of electric, purpose-built motorbikes. Rethinking what a combustion engine motorbike is and has developed, we're doing the same for electric. Starting from scratch to build and manufacture parts optimized for an electric drivetrain, this means new innovative ways of material, manufacturing, engineering solutions, and dimensions. Every part software and drivetrain part contributes to keeping the weight down, ensuring maximum robustness, and serving the highest possible performance in a hyper-light chassis. The revolutionary build is combined with the most advanced drivetrain and controller algorithms for the most precise throttle response, battery life, connectivity options and riding mode customizations.

Introducing the CAKE Jante-motor

The Jante by CAKE, is based on IPM motor technology. Its interface offers unparalleled efficiency, power, and low cogging for smooth acceleration and precise handling at low speeds. The Jante air-cooled system allows high torque at high RPM, while the dual-bearing shaft and aircraft aluminum housing make the construction durable and lightweight. The Jante is using fewer rare earth magnets than traditional SPM motors (Surface Permanent Magnet) without sacrificing power, rated at IP67 enables it to operate in any conditions. The biggest reason for our in-house developed motor is to take major steps forward, increasing performance for the category of lightweight electric motorbikes.

The CAKE battery

The CAKE battery paves the way for the next generation of lightweight electric vehicles. Combining the best solutions out there with in-house engineered solutions, making the most of the configuration and best possible fit for the CAKE drivetrain.

The fast-swapping battery technology offers groundbreaking racing opportunities, thanks to the rapid locking mechanism a new fresh battery is exchanged in below 30 seconds without the need of any tools. The Software, controllers and Battery Management System (BMS) meticulously ensures optimal efficiency for both the battery and drivetrain, while our innovative design surrounding the cells significantly contributes to enhancing the performance of two-wheeled mobility.

The CAKE tech drivetrain

The technology and products based in the CAKEcomponents have several patents and patent pendings and are the most design and innovation-awarded technology in the two wheeled electric vehicle industry.

We're happy to see our drivetrain technology being used in a number of bold projects, and is chosen in many bold third party projects.

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