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Our story so far

CAKE was founded in 2016 by the acknowledged entrepreneur in strategy, design and branding, Stefan Ytterborn.

After a global success with POC and more than 3 decades as an influential force in design, product development and communication, Stefan Ytterborn starts his new company - CAKE.

From the very start the goal was to create electric motorcycles that would combine excitement with responsibility, while inspiring the shift to a zero-emission society. The mantra instilled in the design team was “light, quiet and clean” and the result would two years later manifest itself in the first model, the Kalk, that first saw the light of day in January 2018.

The Kalk perfectly mirrored the founder’s passion for gravity sports while keeping in line with the ambitious sustainability creed. The result was a lightweight yet torque rich powerhouse that allowed for nimble, fast and exciting off-road adventures - all this without a noisy, polluting combustion engine, with minimal need of service due to the intricacies of the all-electric drivetrain and featuring driving characteristics that immediately won over fun-loving riders across the planet.

The awards quickly stacked up, accolades included the 2019 and 2020 Red Dot Design Award, IF Design Award, Automotive Brand Contest Award and several “Best in Show” designations awarded by numerous outdoor industry publications.

A growing family

In 2019, CAKE launched the Ösa, a multifaceted utility platform with off-road capabilities that quickly became a favorite among both professional drivers and regular people looking for a do-it-all two-wheeler. Built around the concept of a light, yet rigid unibeam structure - anything a driver could need can be attached using a clamp-on system. Additionally, the powerful battery doubles as an integrated powerstation, opening up a wide-array of possibilities. Want to bring your guitar amplifier to the beach or use corded power tools while off the grid? The Ösa’s got you covered. A bonafide workhorse.

True to its roots, CAKE expanded into the racing segment in November 2020, with the launch of the Kalk OR Race and the Kalk INK Race models. These high-performing racing bikes feature nothing but the highest performing components, engineered to make the utmost of the electric drivetrain. Combining 280Nm of swift and powerful rear wheel torque with super low weight makes these the ultimate racing bikes, second to none.

The latest chapter in the CAKE history of successful product launches took place in September 2021, when the Makka first saw the light of day. This convenient, nimble moped was designed with the modern urban commuter in mind. Featuring category leading power and range, the Makka is more than capable to both shuttle you to work in style and get you to and through your weekend outback adventure.

What the future holds

Since day one, the ambition to inspire towards a zero-emission society has been at the very heart of our operations. With our models gaining interest from more and more professional riders and companies alike, and with increased demand among both consumers and companies for efficient, emission-free vehicles that don’t contribute to the rising issue of congestion, we’ve developed a new range of vehicles that builds on our existing platforms, but cater specifically for professional use.

The aptly named :work series launched in November 2021, featuring revamped editions of both the Kalk, Ösa and Makka, that had been tuned and optimized for everything from modern last-mile delivery couriers and service professionals to craftsmen, park rangers and carpenters. These are truly durable service tools with prolonged product life cycles, built for high efficiency and low TCO.

What does the future hold for us? Plenty, we’re happy to admit. In 2022 we’ll among other things continue our groundbreaking sustainability project with Vattenfall, where we investigate the feasibility of producing a bike with zero emissons. We’ll continue to innovate the field of midsize motorcycles, championing the segment and spreading the gospel of clean, quiet riding. All this in line with our mission credo - to develop high-quality, sustainable electric motorcycles that will inspire towards a zero-emission society.

Join the ride.

Design & innovation

CAKE; us working here are obsessed by optimizing quality and relevancy, in conjuntion with the defined category of light, quiet and clean electric off road performance motor bikes as well a supporting the mission to inspire people towards a zero emission society, combining excitement with responsibility.

There are a number of defined criterias in the areas of typology, culture and heritage, innovation, quality, performance, manufacturing, materials, processing, responsibility, opportunities and accuracy that we are committed and obliged to.

Those criterias are constant and reflect everything we do in terms of operations, products and communication.

Speaking about design, engineering and innovation, all processes are initiated, lead and directed by the CAKE design & development team.

At times we would assign external partners for sketching, conceptual analysis, kinematics, electronics and visuals for occasional needs.

Examples of excellent support in such processes are: the Sotto Group, UP Design, Berotec, Dolk Engineering, Howl, Photographer Jörgen Brennicke, WtcC, G-Form and more.