CAKE in the Curriculum


YELLOW was founded by the acclaimed musician Pharrell Williams in 2020 and is a nonprofit organization that works towards evening the odds for youths. Through inspirational methods, children are encouraged to learn and challenge themselves in an immersive educational environment, provided free of charge.

Pharrell stumbled upon his first Cake electric motorcycle when visiting a friend in New York City in 2020. Intrigued, he asked us to design him a yellow Kalk - a challenge that put a smile on our collective faces. Fast forward a few months, and Pharell could be seen riding the streets of Manhattan on his one-of-a-kind, yellow Cake Kalk.

CAKE in the curriculum

This was the start of a friendship that in 2021 saw CAKE partner up with YELLOW, aiming to bring a new level of excitement to the classroom. Using a CAKE Kalk electric motorcycle as a starting point, students are urged to engulf themselves in the fascinating creative process that goes into designing an electric vehicle, grasp the concepts of kinetics and potential energy and collaborate for the greater good.

The CAKE ✕ YELLOW partnership is still at an early stage. We are looking forward to update you as we further strengthen our common efforts to excite and inspire the adults of tomorrow.