CAKE Wins 2020 Automotive Brand Contest Award

The Ösa model from CAKE wins this esteemed award from the German Design Council.

– CAKE, the Swedish manufacturer of lightweight electric motorcycles, today announced that its utility-focused electric motorbike and scooter, Ösa, has been named as a recipient of the coveted Automotive Brand Contest Award. Presented by the German Design Council, this high-profile international award recognizes outstanding automotive brand and design achievements in the automotive industry. This is the second Automotive Brand Contest awards for CAKE, having first won “Best of Best” for the Kalk OR at the 2018 Paris Motor Show.

“Another ABC Award! And, this time, for the Ösa. It’s incredible. Being recognized and rewarded by the vehicle industry is among the most gratifying highlights for us - a bunch of people from the ‘outside’ with our roots in gravity sports,” remarked Stefan Ytterborn, founder and CEO of CAKE. “With the goal of transitioning society toward zero-emissions, we are determined to combine excitement with responsibility and to develop new electric motorbikes for leisure as well as for efficient transportation. We are honored to be noticed by the German Design Council and the Automotive Brand Contest for these efforts.”

The Automotive Brand Contest is the only international design competition for automobile marques and has emerged as one of the important events in the sector. With the competition, the German Design Council honors outstanding product and communication design and draws attention to the fundamental importance of brand and brand design in the automotive industry. In this context, the focus is on the integral and consistent use of the brand across all media and products.

Awards are given in 13 different categories and four special categories. The categories cover the entire design spectrum and range from vehicle design and concepts via brand design and multimedia networking, through to campaigns and events. For each category, the jury will usually select one Best of Best award winner for top performance within a discipline. CAKE won this year’s Automotive Brand Contest award in the “Motorcycles/Bikes” category for the modular utility motorbike launched in November 2019, the Ösa.

Apart from being a light, clean and quiet electric motorcycle, the Ösa is derived from the diversity of work and differentiated needs of the customer, while simultaneously serving a new means of transportation to accelerate toward a zero-emission future. Heavily influenced by the workbench, the Ösa design features a large gray uni-bar extending out from underneath the seat. This modular, clamp-on system serves as the heart of the Ösa, allowing users to attach baskets, bags, tools, and more to create over 1,000 different possible configurations.

Thanks to the powerful battery with multiple outlets, the Ösa doubles as a power station on wheels, enabling the rider to be completely independent, off-the-grid. Whether it's a carpenter charging power tools to build a cabin, or a package/restaurant delivery service executing clean, last-mile deliveries in cities around the world, the possibilities for self-supported exploration and enterprise are endless.

The Ösa Lite, the scooter model, has a top speed of 30 mph and starts at $6,500 USD, while the Ösa+, the motorcycle model, boasts a top speed of 60mph starts at $8,500 USD. Both are available for order worldwide on

The Automotive Brand Contest will present winners with their awards on in Autumn 2020 at the Salon “Mondial de l’Automobile,” one of the world’s most important international automotive shows.

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