Engineered for performance, your very own workbench on wheels.


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Top speed

+90km/h / +56mph*


111km / 69miles*

Street legal



A1 / M1*


97,5kg / 215lbs

Peak power


fr. USD 478 / mon

Total 11 470 USD

The high-performance utility machine

Engineered for performance, lightweight and configured to meet your individual needs. Over a thousand accessory combinations are easily clamped onto the frame. The powerful battery features multiple outlets, doubling as a power station on wheels. Fully street legal. Ready to be registered as 125cc equivalent in EU and USA.

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Engineered for performance, your very own workbench on wheels.

A solid performer


Up to 84 km of range gets you where you need to be, while a nimble 89 kg of total weight secures excellent, snappy driving characteristics.


Mount any accessory you can think of, directly onto the unibar frame. Charge your phone, laptop or power tools using multiple integrated power outlets.


Beat morning traffic or leave civilization behind for some off-the-grid relaxation, the Ösa+ is your key to a more convenient life.

Does it all

Looking for a commuter that packs a torquey punch, a reliable workbench on wheels or a modular bike featuring endless customization options? The Ösa ticks every box.

Ride Modes

This riding mode gets you the best range by far. It’s been optimized for city riding with a limited top speed of 45kmh/28mph, while still being quick and fun to ride.

This riding mode has a top speed of 70kmh/44 mph. It has a slightly slower acceleration to conserve energy.

This is the most powerful ride mode and has a top speed of around 90kmh/56mph. Arguably the most fun to ride.

Braking Modes

Turns off motor braking. When you release the throttle, the bike keeps freewheeling.

This braking mode activates motor braking. When you release the throttle, you'll gradually slow down.


The Ösa features a class-leading, powerful battery that not only guarantees snappy driving properties, it also is capable of powering any tool you bring with you. The battery is easily removable and can be charged when installed on the bike or separately.

Integrated SoC indicator and intelligent battery management system for increased safety and performance optimization. Built in 5V outlet (phones, tablets and other small electronic devices) and

12V outlet (computers, speakers and other medium duty electronic devices). The external charger uses standard 110v/220v outlets and gets you from 0 to 80% in two hours, 0 to 100% in three hours.

With a superior power to weight ratio, the mighty drivetrain of the Ösa delivers powerful torque, while the Gates belt drive propels you forward silently.

The Ösa features our proprietary suspension system, custom designed lightweight motorcycle rims and dual sport motorcycle tires offers a smooth ride, no matter if you're hitting the trails or cruising to work.


Find all Ösa manuals & assembly guides here

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What’s included?

Everything you need to get going

  • CAKE Ösa+

  • Removable Battery

  • Charger

  • Lights & indicators

  • Rearview mirrors

  • Stand

  • Free CAKE Connect App

  • Toolset for final assembly

  • Service hotline

Details subject to change - see all specifications