Addressing a global market, the regulations on where you can ride are very different. Find out what the take is in your community.

Our take is that users comply with the local regulations.

We would never suggest the idea of sharing MTB trails with what we are doing. Being in dialogue with a number of ski and bike resorts around the world we are persistent, that what we do, needs its own infra structure and trails.

Aside from that CAKE is developing its own track concept.

You can pre order a limited edition KALK bike, right away. There might be a few left and those will be delivered during summer 2018.

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There are a lot of amazing players out there. On the bicycle side look at all the major bike brands doing highly sophisticated e-mtbs. On the motorbike side, the motorcycling industry does amazing stuff with their references to the traditional motor cycling culture, replacing drivetrains, with electric.

We do not really compete with either category what CAKE does is something in between. Making light, easy to ride, snappy bikes for agility, torque and tons of fun, with the main purpose to explore and to discover.

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We will do demos during spring 2018, connect with us on social media so you know when we are around.

Yes, initially we had a less sophisticated bike in mind but the more we dug the more we realized, we needed to start from scratch, bit by bit. That said we redefined what the product should be and postponed the launch another 6 months.

Yes, CAKE will always be 100% electric. We fell in love exploring nearby environments, in silence. -It´s respectful from all perspectives, no pollution, no smell or fumes and again dealing with the issues of sound pollution.

Yes, from a legal perspective, this first model is. It´s focus is off-road and we are developing a new category of light, quiet and clean electric motorbikes. In between mtb and mx.

The CAKE bike KALK weights sub 70 kilos as a reference a traditional 125cc 2stroke mx weighs about 100 kilos fuelled.

Yes, a number of new model/platforms are in the pipeline and yes all models will eventually be street legal in different categories, with different demands on license.

The name KALK for CAKEs first model and platform has its reason because of KALK or Limestone, being the bedrock of Gotland.
The Gotland bedrock was largely made up of coral reefs, created in the tropical sea four hundred million years ago. The continental drift, took Gotland on a ride from the tropical waters, made a few turns and placed it in the Baltic Sea, where the rest of the surroundings are mostly granite.

That white limestone gives Gotland a special light and flight, which is unique. And that same white limestone is what we use and will be using for CAKE tracks. It´s perfect for building jumps, curves, banks and rollers. Add a little water and it becomes beautifully solid.

KALK it is.

The idea of light electric motorbikes was explored many years ago. The issues these hybrids were facing is that there are no components made for it, DH bike parts are too weak and MX parts too heavy. CAKE components are engineered to optimize the performance and durability within the category.

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Nothing is off the shelf, everything is customized to support the specific demands.

Weight: sub 70 kg
Top speed: Speed limited to 70 km/h
Range: Depending on your riding profile for the day it would be anything from 45 minutes on the track up to two hours just cruising a fire road.. .

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We will provide the bike with both a belt drive as well as a chain drive.
The belt drive is quiet, while more sensitive to pebbles and snapping.
The chain transmits noise but less than half, compared to a silent combustion engine.

Everything will be available to purchase from the 25th of June when the first batch of bikes will be ready for delivery.

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Depends where you order your bike to.
Delivery/purchase to a EU country shall be paid in Euros (EUR) and includes VAT.
Delivery/purchase to U.S.A., Canada, Switzerland, Norway and Iceland shall be paid in USD. The price in USD is excluding local taxes, customs or other related costs.
Delivery/purchase to all other countries but the above mentioned shall be paid in Euros (EUR). For all these other countries the price is excluding local taxes, customs or other related costs.