The project

Going fossil free isn’t just about how things are powered, it’s about removing the carbon from how things are sourced, made, transported and assembled. So while electric vehicles are a good start, they don’t take us far enough.

Solving the greatest challenge in human history demands that we rethink conventional ways of doing things. It demands that we break silos and collaborate far beyond industry borders. And it demands we do it today, because the future can’t wait. The project essentially combines CAKE's expertise in innovation and engineering with Vattenfall’s expertise in electrifying industries and decarbonizing entire production chains.

Together we will reinvent the wheel, the suspension, the saddle and every other part of the CAKE Kalk OR with the aim of making the first truly fossil free vehicle. We’ll reduce its current estimated carbon weight of 1,186 kg CO2e to an absolute minimum by 2025 to make the cleanest dirt bike ever. And we’ll share every single setback, breakthrough and finding along the way to inspire others.

How we are doing it

Rethinking materials: We are investigating how to use less materials, how to use materials from non fossil sources and how to use recycled materials without compromising on the quality.

Decarbonizing manufacturing processes: We are shifting to less energy intensive manufacturing processes and choosing manufacturing locations with access to renewable energy, for example by moving as close to home as possible

Redesigning: We are not redesigning the bike as a starting point, but may tweak various parts of the bike to meet quality standards and durability of new, non fossil or recycled materials.

Rethinking transportation: We are relocating the supply chain as close to home as possible to reduce distance and we will investigate fossil free transportation solutions for global suppliers. Transportation comprises of less than 2% of the total footprint and will be last on the menu to decarbonize.

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Our values

No carbon offsetting: We will not offset any emissions. We will develop a clean bike by solving the root cause, not compensating for it.

Systemic approach to sustainability: Removing emissions is our primary focus, to produce the Cleanest Dirt Bike Ever. This does not mean we are forgetting about our overall environmental and social footprint. This bike should represent sustainability at its best.

Nothing is 0: We understand the challenge at hand and know that our aim is ambitious and even impossible. We aim for the moon and go as far as we can reach, without cutting corners like emission offsetting.

Transparency: We will be fully transparent about successes and failures on our ride to zero and invite our industry and general public to learn from our findings and bumps in the road.

The Cleanest Dirt Bike Ever