Project Q&A

The goal is to manufacture the Cleanest Dirt Bike Ever, meaning the cleanest motorcycle possible by 2025. But more importantly, we want to set a direction, inspire and provoke other industries to join the transition towards a fossil free society.

A fossil free vehicle is a vehicle where every single component is sourced, produced, transported, and assembled without any fossil sources or fuels being used in the process.

This includes all the materials and parts of the Kalk OR such as Aluminum, Steel, Plastic, Rubber, Controller, Motor, Battery, Brakes, Suspension, Electronics.

We are using life cycle assessment to measure the footprint of all parts of the bike. At this point we have calculated an approximated footprint of 1,186 kg CO2e, and are now investigating how to get to zero, part by part. This is the total carbon footprint weight in kilograms of our testbed vehicle, the CAKE Kalk OR. From mine to finished product, it involves all materials processed, waste generated, energy and chemical consumed and every km of transportation involved.

Our aim is to make a zero emission dirt bike. We are fully committed to the process, but we are realistic about the fossil free solutions that we and the market can provide by 2025. With very strict rules for our calculations and by totally restricting any type of offsetting - reaching absolute zero is an impossible goal, as the solutions for a completely decarbonized supply chain will not be available in 2025. However we are sure we will have the cleanest vehicle possible to build by 2025. The project will continue its journey towards zero after 2025.

This project aims to show that a more fossil free lifestyle is possible. We want to provoke change and inspire more companies and brands to innovate for zero emission products to decarbonize our society. We believe that we can set a new standard for what to expect from companies in sustainable thinking and climate action, not least when talking about zero emissions or fossil free. We will spread the findings and solutions to decarbonize the Kalk OR across industries and society for anyone to replicate, as materials such as plastic and aluminium are used and needed far beyond the Cleanest Dirt Bike Ever.

Both Vattenfall and CAKE are committed to lead the transition towards a fossil free society. Vattenfall’s goal is to enable fossil free living within one generation and power climate smarter living for all. CAKE´s purpose is to inspire people, contributing to speeding up the journey towards zero emissions through a combination of excitement and responsibility.

With electricity as a source of innovation, an energy company with experience of decarbonising industries is a logical and key partner to the project. Vattenfall has experience creating large scale fossil free solutions bringing knowledge and scale into the project.

No. CAKE and Vattenfall are aiming to make CAKE’s electrical motorcycle Kalk OR emissions free by eliminating emissions from the production phase. We are not redesigning the bike as a starting point, but may tweak various parts of the bike to meet quality standards and durability of new, non fossil or recycled materials.

Yes, our aim is to produce a commercial product. We are on a journey towards the cleanest dirt bike ever that should be ready for small initial series production in 2025.

End-of-life phase is not the core focus of the project, as the project focuses on the manufacturing phase of the bike which stands for the majority of the total footprint . The end-of-life for the Cleanest Dirt Bike Ever will refer to CAKE´s regular end-of-life strategy at 2025. As all CAKE bikes have a modular design in place, the Cleanest Dirt Bike Ever is likely to have a high recyclability rate.

The Cleanest Dirt Bike Ever