The partners

The founding partners - CAKE and Vattenfall

At first glance, CAKE and Vattenfall may seem like two vastly different companies. Look closer, and you’ll find two leaders within their respective sector, united in their drive and desire for positive change.

CAKE as a company was founded on the premise of propelling change and speeding up the transition towards a fossil-free society. Vattenfall are currently working towards establishing fossil free living within one generation and has an expertise in electrifying industry and decarbonize entire production chains.

Realizing the major role that clean energy plays in decarbonizing a motorcycle, the two came together in 2020, forming a bold vision to truly create change in the two-wheeled vehicle industry. By 2025, we will manufacture and sell a dirtbike where every single screw and component has been thoroughly overhauled, the carbon footprint reduced to an absolute minimum – or, in the best of worlds, completely removed from the calculation, period.

This is the challenge of our lifetime.

And it all starts with energy.

Future partners

We will partner with pioneers across industries who share our ambition to go fossil free. These entities can be current as well as new suppliers, researchers in relevant academia or forward leaning start-ups.

Do you feel enticed and ready to contribute? Let us know: