CAKE and the leading European energy company Vattenfall have joined forces, aiming to produce the world's cleanest motorcycle by 2025.

"Going fossil free isn’t just about how things are powered, it’s about removing fossil fuels from how things are sourced, made, transported and assembled. So while electric vehicles are a great start, we need to go further."

- Annika Ramsköld, Vattenfall

Watch the video below to see what this project is all about.

Explore the bike

This is a CAKE Kalk OR, a fully electric dirt bike. Emission free when used, like most products it still emits greenhouse gasses when produced. 1,186 kg of carbon dioxide, to be precise. Click on the white dots to explore different parts.

Footprint overview

29% Battery

27% Aluminium parts

9% Motor

7% Suspension

7% Brakes

7% Electronics

5% Controller

4% Steel parts

3% Plastic parts

1% Rubber parts

1% Others

The partners

The Cleanest Dirt Bike Ever project was launched jointly by CAKE and Vattenfall, open for the world's best and brightest suppliers to join the ride as the project unfolds.

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The process

Our first action was to literally disassemble a Kalk OR, resulting in just north of 100 assembled components, which in turn are made up of +2000 smaller parts. Each of these parts have a history and more importantly, an environmental footprint.

On our journey towards zero we are reinventing the wheel, and the rest of this bike.

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The Cube

It takes a 8.6-meter cube to fit the total amount of carbon emissions currently created in the production of one CAKE Kalk OR – 637 cubic meters, equal to 1,186 KG CO2e.

We are working on shrinking the size of this cube to as close to zero as possible by 2025, part by part, centimeter by centimeter.

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Stefan Ytterborn: “Fossil free vehicles means greenwash until the entire production part has been decarbonized, regardless of the fuel they are running on”

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The Cleanest Dirt Bike Ever