CAKE connect

Seamless interaction with your bike - whenever, wherever. CAKE connect allows you to reach the full potential of your CAKE motorbike.


CAKE connect

Seamless interaction with your bike - whenever, wherever. CAKE connect allows you to reach the full potential of your CAKE motorbike.

Group 86@2x

bluetooth and GSM connected

bike and battery status

bike and battery status

heads up display

heads up display

ride tracking

ride tracking

Group 2

lock / unlock

ride & brake mode

ride and brake mode customization

Group 3@2x

remote sw updates and service over GSM

Group 4@2x

live gps location

anti-theft notification

anti-theft notification


always connected

download the CAKE connect app from App Store

Simply connect your bike to your phone over GSM and Bluetooth to explore several new features and get the full potential of your CAKE motorcycle, which lets you interact with your bike whenever, wherever.

Thanks to the GSM connection, the new GPS tracking system allows you to see the real-time location of the bike on your phone, regardless of where you or your bike is in the world. With the new anti-theft feature, you can turn on notifications in CAKE Connect that let you know if the bike has been moved or stolen to ensure peace of mind owner experience.


real time riding information

maximize your riding experience

CAKE connect allows you to modify the drivetrain characteristics by adjusting the torque, top speed, and regenerative braking to maximize your riding experience, whether you are commuting to work and want to increase your range, or riding in the woods and want to adjust your bike to suit your riding style.

In the CAKE connect app, you can now save your commuting and backcountry rides to get useful and interesting riding data, such as distance, average speed, power, and more. After the data has been saved, you can share and compare your greatest experiences and rides with your friends.

With the heads-up display feature, you can use your phone as your bike's display interface where you see real-time riding information. The perfect alternative for the rider who is interested in more performance data during riding.

always updated

with access to the latest features

When your bike is connected to CAKE connect, you will always have access to the latest bike firmware and features to make sure that your bike is in perfect condition.

CAKE also has the option to arrange a service meeting with you through your mobile phone, to perform remote services and troubleshooting of your bike. This ensures quick and simple servicing if you would have any issues with the bike, without the need of bringing it to a service shop.

We are really excited to bring the Cake connect experience to all of our models. We are constantly working on new features that will be available in the CAKE Connect app as they become ready, such as Safety crash detection, Predictive maintenance, fleet management for B2B partners, and more.

Feel free to reach out to the service team if you have any questions!


how to get CAKE connect

We're happy to announce that CAKE Connect is leaving the BETA stage.
The CAKE Connect is now live for all riders with a CAKE Connect module on their bikes.

The connectivity module is pre-installed on all the Ösa & Kalk bikes from august 2021 and will be available on all Makkas from spring 2022. The cellular connectivity is included and free of charge two years from the delivery date or from today 31/11-2021. All the initial CAKE connect features are made available through the mobile app providing you with connectivity features in order to add an extra layer of functionality to your CAKE bike.

Download Ridecake in App Store and log in with your personal connectivity id to get started.
Stay tuned for the Android version launching in 2022.