Öhlins aims for the world’s first zero-emission motorcycle suspension, following CAKE and Vattenfall’s initiative for fossil free production.

World leading manufacturer of racing suspension accelerates transition towards zero emissions in the vehicle industry.

CAKE (www.ridecake.com), the Swedish maker of premium lightweight, electric motorcycles, today announced the next major development in its collaboration with European energy company Vattenfall, the project Cleanest Dirt Bike Ever, which aims to produce the cleanest motorcycle possible by 2025.

Announcing today, the leading manufacturer of racing suspension Öhlins has officially initiated their own process to decarbonize its production chain, bringing their carbon emissions to a minimum. Being a major supplier to the vehicle industry worldwide, the project aims to have a substantial impact on the transition to fossil free production across all industries.

“It is truly energizing that our initiative has inspired Öhlins, the Crown Jewel of vehicle suspension and innovation, to commence their route to decarbonization way ahead of most of the automotive industry,” says Stefan Ytterborn, founder and CEO, CAKE. “It’s all about getting started and being committed to the obligation of pushing the emissions to an absolute minimum.”

Öhlins is the first official supplying partner to be announced within the project Cleanest Dirt Bike Ever, the collaboration between CAKE and the European energy company Vattenfall, which aims to develop the world’s cleanest motorcycle by 2025. Although the ability to avoid carbon emissions from driving, every electric vehicle still emits a substantial carbon footprint in the manufacturing process. By working out ways to decarbonize all materials, parts and transportation involved, in close collaborations with suppliers throughout the value chain, the carbon emissions are pushed to an absolute minimum.

“Since Öhlins was founded, we’ve been passionate about developing and innovating the technologies used in our products. For us to build on this legacy and stay competitive in the future, we need to learn more about solutions and developments that will enable us to meet the climate challenges of today,” says Henrik Johansson, Managing Director of Öhlins Racing. “Being a part of Cleanest Dirt Bike Ever has inspired us to explore new, innovative ways of minimizing our carbon footprint. Although the road ahead holds its share of challenges, we’re focusing on areas where we can take strategic action and have the most impact now.”

About CAKE

CAKE is a Swedish maker of premium lightweight, electric motorcycles and mopeds, with a clear mission to inspire towards a zero-emission society, by combining excitement and responsibility. The model range currently consists of three different platforms – the versatile offroader Kalk, the modular utility bike Ösa, and the urban commuter Makka. Thanks to an extensive range of accessories and configurations, CAKE is addressing a wide matrix of users and applications, including commercial use for last-mile delivery and other short-haul urban transportation. Along with numerous awards and recognitions for its design and innovative approach to mobility and other societal challenges, CAKE was identified as one of the world’s most innovative companies by Fast Company in both 2020 and 2021, and received the Time Magazine 100 most important inventions award in 2021.

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About Öhlins®

Öhlins Racing has been an integrated part of the motorsport industry as well as the motorcycle and automotive industry for over 40 years. Our focus has always been on high-quality products, service and support, all the way from Formula 1 circuits to the local, national racing events in over 50 distributing countries.

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