The starting point

This dirt bike weighs 1,186 kg. At least to the planet, it does. Because this is the amount of CO2e emissions estimated to be released when producing the CAKE Kalk, a groundbreaking electric motorcycle that aims to inspire and excite towards a zero emission society. While electrification is a good start, it is far from doing enough. To get humanity to where we need to be, we must rid ourselves of our fossil dependence all the way to the source.

CAKE and the leading European energy company Vattenfall share the ambition of pursuing fossil free living within one generation. Which is why we’ve joined forces on a project that aims to reduce the carbon footprint of our Kalk dirt bike to an absolute minimum. Not only that, we’re doing it by 2025 - because we need to take action now.

Aiming for zero emissions involves rethinking every single thing we do, from the sourcing of materials to how we physically assemble our bikes, and everything in between. To us, this isn’t a question of whether or not we’ll succeed.

We have to succeed.

With global warming threatening the very existence of humanity, we all must play our part to combat climate change. Realizing this, CAKE and Vattenfall are gathering our best and brightest to work towards a goal that isn’t just ambitious but necessary.

We invite you to contribute to our common journey. We will continuously update you on our steps towards zero – our findings, challenges, setbacks and success. All this while urging you to think about what you, your business or community can do to make a difference. This most likely will involve redefining what you hold to be true.

Because we used to think that this feather light dirt bike weighed only 69 kg.

Now we know better.


The fine print

1,186 kg: The carbon footprint from material extraction to an assembled bike at the CAKE factory in Sweden, involving all materials processed, every chemical consumed, all waste generated, all energy consumed, and every km of transportation.

CO2 equivalent: All generated greenhouse gasses (GHG) such as carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and others converted to CO2 equivalents and represented as CO2e.

The Cleanest Dirt Bike Ever